Russian Magic

Everyone agrees that the most beautiful girls live in Russia: well-groomed, slim and with this perfect amount of that mysterious soul mixed in. Well, you don’t need to check Russian girls are gorgeous. It’s a well-known fact that Russia has much more than its’ fair share of born stunners – your first visit to the country will tell you this. The secret of beauty lies in the mix of European, Asian, Caucasian and Mongolian bloods that once lived freely in early history of Russia.

The result is that fresh blood and the lovely mix that you find so attractive in Russian female looks – oval faces, high cheekbones, soft features, fair or slightly tanned skin, green, blue or grey eyes and blond, fair or brown thick hair which most of them prefer to wear long. And as an answer to the question “Why are Russian women so beautiful?” Russian women enjoy demonstrating their looks with that natural charm, refinement and elegance. You will admire and laugh at these birds, running across icy wintery sidewalks, wearing high heels with alarming skill and hardly even perspiring in their fur coats on public transport. Beauty requires sacrifice, knows every single one of them.They don’t mind making an effort and putting make up on before leaving for the nearest shop. But the distinctive feature is their femininity – being a woman, looking feminine and being attractive to men.

Russian women are tender, sensual and seek men who will respect and admire them for who they are and will be serious about their relationship. Most Russian women would like to find a man who is not afraid of commitment and wants to start a family, because in Russia women are traditionally marriage-oriented and their main focus is a happy family. Since childhood girls are taught to be loving and devoted wives to their husbands, to give birth to the children and to keep house nice and tidy. Women in Russia do not tend to fight for equal rights and rather encourage men to open the door for them or pay the restaurant bill. They let men be men because every Russian woman knows that her strengths are in her weaknesses. This realization personifies and reflects the magic phenomenon of Russian women. Paradoxically being strong themselves, they also want to possess weakness so their men are stronger. This is the way Russian girls are taught that things should be.

This cannot be mixed with Russian women being totally dependent on men, no, a lot of women in Russia are well-educated, have a good job and try to make a career. Many would rather be independent and rely on themselves. Russian women are hard-working, intelligent, smart and well-read.

Russian women are known to be more emotional than western women. They need to share everything and get man’s attention: tell the news of the day, take offence or even fight. But after that, become the same – loving and tender. It may seem that women exist in their own world. Russian women are very affectionate. They aren’t afraid to show their real emotions in public.

There’s something else about Russian women which you can’t help admiring – they are simply are the best at being who they were always destined to be as women. They make patient, calm, loving and devoted mothers. Seeing a woman who takes care of her children this much is warm and emotionally enriching. You will be filled with admiration over the amount of motherly love and care they deliver.They are ready to do everything that’s required and sacrifice the dearest for their children and their beloved ones. They are strong enough to do so.

Russian women are unique, they are enigmatic. They mesmerize, they charm and they excite. The magic that is in their nature, eyes, and smiles comes from their hearts.