Rosacea? Try Proactive Daily Help With Handmade Soap


Rosacea is a chronic skin problem that is little understood, but which may be more common than you think, and using handmade soap daily could help reduce outbreaks and flushing. Millions of people in Europe and America suffer from this skin condition, and although scientists have no cure, there are ways to minimize the persistence of milder forms.

Rosacea sensitises skin and some forms reveal noticeable red lines such as Telangiectasia which became enlarged and appear swollen when flushing begins. Essentially there is no known remedy but topical treatment daily using handmade soap can help maintain skin control.

The first steps to regaining control is to know what triggers outbreaks. Apart from stress, cold weather, alcohol, hot drinks and spicy food, rough facial cleansing with products that aggravate the condition has been identified as a significant factor.

As Rosacea affects mainly women, dermatologists believe the cleansing of more delicate female skin is an important way to begin treatment of visible blood vessels and flushing. Choosing a chemical free or non reactive cleanser is essential.

Handmade soap which uses traditional saponification and powerful essential oils not found in synthetic high street soaps is ideal. Essential oils of Chamomile, Jojoba, Lavender, and Rose are gentle, nurturing essences excellent for any sensitive or allergic skin but especially Rosacea. For preference, find a handmade soap with Rose as it is especially soothing for flushed tender skin and known to help rebuild capillary walls that could benefit skin by reducing outbreaks.

How you cleanse is equally important as your cleanser choice. If possible, lather the handmade soap and apply using your hands rather than a face cloth which may cleanse more thoroughly, but will feel rough and have an unwanted exfoliating effect. Pat the lather on gently and with as little pressure as possible then rinse with warm water, never hot.

Again pat very dry with a towel, do not rub as it will have a stinging, abrasive effect.

Overcoming Rosacea is a challenge. Doctors believe a holistic approach should include regular exercise, such as swimming to help oxygen circulation, and minimizing skin irritation with gentler cleansing, which makes handmade soap the natural choice for Rosacea.