Rosacea Diet – The Hidden Trigger

Here is a really effective Rosacea tip I’d like to share with you. It is a proven techniques to help Rosacea sufferers and the good thing is, it is really easy to take on board and use. It doesn’t matter if you are stressed out, run ragged by the kids or just plain busy. Just take 2 minutes to read this short, informative article and I believe that you will take away something that will really help you to keep on top of your Rosacea problem. Read on.

Rosacea Diet

There is a lot of information available for people trying to formulate a Rosacea diet. But, after you have scoured the internet, searched through the shelves of your local library and spent a fortune in your local bookstore or Amazon, what have you got? My guess is that you have a file crammed full of information, and that lots of that information is either confusing or conflicting. Is sunlight good or bad for Rosacea? What about Omega-6? You see because there are so many triggers for Rosacea, and those triggers only set off an attack in some patients, it is very difficult to create a definitive list of Rosacea causes and cures.

But, there are some triggers that seem to affect more Rosacea sufferers than others. So when you are eliminating foods and drinks and creating your own Rosacea diet you might want to look closely at the following item.


Yeast in small doses doesn’t seem to be too bad, but the risk is that introducing just a small amount of yeast into you daily diet could lead to a full scale yeast or fungal overgrowth. When this gets too much for the body to cope with we notice it as either thrush or simply a yeast infection. But before the growth gets to the stage that we see physical symptoms it is already affecting our bodies.

Yeast overgrowth is heavily associated with a depressed immune system, and with this you will see a rise in both the number and severity of your Rosacea flare ups. There is also evidence that yeast and fungal overgrowth can trigger some auto-immune reactions.

And don’t forget, yeast comes in many different forms. Fermented drinks like ales, lagers and stouts and yeast extract spreads such as Marmite and Vegemite are all dependent on yeast in their recipes.

So, when you are evaluating foods to eliminate from your Rosacea diet, then you could do a lot worse than start your evaluation process with yeast and yeast based products.