Root Cause of Suicide and Depression

What causes suicide and depression? Spiritual death. Adam was created in the image and likeness of God and so, his heart vibrated with His virtue (peace, fellowship)(knowledge) but suffered separation anxiety when he disobeyed God’s commandment and ate of the tree of good and evil. The Lord told Adam that he would die if he did this (Genesis 2:17). If you know the story, you know Adam did not physically die when he partook of the forbidden fruit but died spiritually (loss of light). It was this connection with God that Adam lost, which he also passed onto his seed (mankind).

Spiritual Death? What does that Mean?

“But when we came into this strange land, pure praise was no longer ours, nor righteous prayer, nor understanding hearts, nor sweet thoughts, nor just counsels, nor long discernment, nor upright feelings, neither is our bright nature left us. (1 Book Adam and Eve 23:7)

We can understand the concept of the connection or fellowship that Adam had with God through our own experiences with one another and our environment (things of the world): intimacy, friendship, loyalty, career, hobbies, through taste, smell, touch etc. However, these experiences do not bring completion to the soul because it is incompatible with the soul. Ignorantly, man is trying to find completion through these things. Man was created in the image and likeness of God, so his soul has to be filled with the substance of God by faith. Man can find temporary stratification in these activities but it soon wears off.

The Need for Rest

Incompatibility results in unrest and exhaustion. Like a fish out of water or swimming against the current. The soul was only designed for the things of the Spirit. So when man tries to fill it (bring completion) through the things of the world, it always comes back on him in a negative loop, compounding spiritual death to the point of madness.

The will is weakened by this activity and no longer has the drive for engagement (depression). In extreme cases, the soul is in such a state of unrest and contradiction, that a person thinks they can find it through suicide but this is never the answer. The reasons in both cases always vary but the need to escape death (it’s effect) is the constant in every situation.

Sweet Thoughts

Being born into the condition of death, it is hard for man to understand what he was created for and the connection to God that was lost, that he subconsciously seeks for completion.

Gods revelation brings hope, not despair. Gods revelation gives strength to the will for faith, not bruise it. The joy, peace and rest that comes through this knowledge of that hope, lifts up our head and thankfulness fills the heart. This is the connection that God returns us to that Adam lost: the hope of his calling and how God will get us there.