Room For Growth

Soul, Essence or the Higher Self is not solid. Soul or essence is tone, vibration, and color. Every human being is unique in tone, vibration and color. What is common to everyone is that Essence is Soul, Soul is Eternal, We are Eternal.

Essence is felt or experienced within the physical body. This occurs now, but recognizing it allows more essence or soul to be embodied, as does removing beliefs and harmful emotions that do not allow more essence or soul.

What currently limits the ability to experience our Divine essence is a density of vibration. Density is a slowness of vibration and is the consequence of choices for personal gain, harmful emotions, beliefs and limited perceptions and what we eat. Any change or alteration in any of these areas produces room for growth. Room (energetic room) and growth are related.

While growth or expansion may initially occur in any one of these areas the idea is to expand the awareness of essence until it is experienced at all times. This is possible for everyone. In truth, essence and spirituality are not things to be turned on and off. Our potential is to feel essence, to experience connection in all times, even in times of extreme distress, when we are our most human.

To do this requires more than a once and a while "showing up." A mature approach of incorporating, feeding, nurturing our eternal self is necessary. That can begin by determining what energetically fills the room we make as we seek to change or grow. Eternal qualities are the fastest way to experience the growth or changes we seek. Healing the heart and eternal qualities go hand in hand.

When eternal qualities are incorporated, through intention, growth is experienced. Otherwise unconscious habits, choices and responses; Those familiar ways of thinking, believing and responding reassert themselves. We may then mistakenly believe that our efforts were unsuccessful, or come to any number of misunderstandings.