Romo Out Kitna In

The New York Giants seem to be in a heap of trouble. Tony Romo, their Pro Bowl Quarterback will be out of action for at least 6 to 8 weeks. This leaves the Giants in a pretty precarious position.

Romo sustained an on arena injury where he injured and broke his non-throwing left clavicle or collarbone. This happened when a New York Giant's linebacker piled on him and landed on top of him while taking him to the ground. The Cowboys can not afford to have their star quarterback out of action for this lengthy. It could spell doom for them and the couple of years has observed them endure sufficient.

With Romo Absent

Romo is still stunned with this unforeseen accident that has clouded his day and for proper now, his career. Contracts signed by these players make certain that an on field injury does not result in a lawsuit. Who knows how he will bounce back though? An accident attorney may possibly be hired only the if there has been a Grievous personal injury off the area Hotels or with malicious intent. In day-to-day life, an accident attorney is the one to go to when you have suffered injury due to no fault of your personal, at work or when you are driving a vehicle or each given that some individuals drive for a living. Romo can not approach an accident attorney for this on discipline play although. Tony Romo will be ruing this day if his team suffers any extra in forthcoming games.

Robust Time of year

Meanwhile, Jon Kitna appears ready to make hay while the sun shines in Romo's absence. Dallas Cowboy fans can just hope and pray that Jon Kitna's rustic abilities form up for the remaining video games or this season will not be salvaged.