Risperdal – Cure for irritability


A few mental disabilities are symptomatic of certain imbalances in the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Drugs such as Risperdal are categorized as an antipsychotic. It helps to control any imbalance and maintain the levels of the chemicals of the brain within the accepted range. It is given to treat disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder which cause severe and chronic depression. It is also given sometimes to treat autism in children, for controlling any irritability displayed by these children as is often the case with autistic kids.

This is strictly a prescription drug and must be taken only as per the dosage given. It is normally not given to kids unless specifically prescribed by the doctor. Risperdal cannot be used to treat dementia related psychosis. It can cause grave undesirable situations and ailments such as cardiac ailments, pneumonia or even mortality in older persons who have dementia related disorders.

While taking this medication, a number of side effects like symptoms may present themselves like extreme sensitivity to high or low temperature. Dehydration can occur and it is a good idea to keep drinking fluids to keep hydration levels at the optimum. These precautions must be paid more attention especially during the summer months or when doing vigorous exercise routines. Risperdal can also cause mental confusion like state and clouding of thoughts. If any activity, which requires constant keen attention and alertness need to be done, exercise caution.

There are risks involved in taking this medicine. This is especially noteworthy if serious symptoms such as fevers, jerking of limbs, excessively perspiring, quick heart rate, and muscle spasms, nervous tics of the head and neck muscles, faint feeling and trouble focusing present themselves. The doctor must be informed instantly if any of these happen. There can also be wrongful interaction of other drugs that along with taking Risperdal. Consult with the doctor if two different medications can be consumed at once.

Risperdal can contain phenylalanine as a component. If one is a phenylketonuric inform the doctor and also take extreme precaution when taking this drug.

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