Risks of Muscle Energy Technique

Muscle Energy Technique is a non-invasive therapy using various hands-on massage methods to help a client recuperate from painful conditions through the use of manual therapy. It uses techniques based on reciprocal inhibition, stretching, and the use of pressure on the muscle tissues that are contracted and relaxed during the manual manipulation.

The therapy is great for dealing with various health issues especially joint pain, muscle stressing, spasms, and cramps, edema, relief of stress, tension, and chronic fatigue, and other disorders and dysfunctions of the human body. It is also great for delivering other health benefits to the patient’s physical constitution such as the proper circulation of blood which is considered as one of the most important benefit you can get from a natural treatment. A wide range of movement, flexibility, structural integrity, physical coordination, and strong joints are also other improvements to look for when undergoing a Muscle Energy Technique therapy.

Although there are quite numerous benefits that can be taken from a therapy session using Muscle Energy Technique, any patient who is into this alternative medical care should also keep in mind that it also has disadvantages in the form of physical health risks and dangers. Most of the clients who had series of treatment sessions in this natural healing art are satisfied and successful with the use of the therapy for their personal medical needs. Especially when handled by a certified massage therapist or practitioner, a client can expect a smooth, risk-free therapy with a peace of mind during the whole therapy process.

The possible and most notable risks that would most likely happen during a therapy session are done when an untrained individual performs the massage techniques on the wrong approach. Instead of improving the condition of the muscle tissues that are affected by certain health issues, they attain more damages that adds up to their current state. Nerves will be damaged with improper stretching or use of force known as pressure in massage therapy. Bruising, muscle soreness, and inflammation are some of the conditions to expect when mishandled by a practitioner who is not well versed in human anatomy and in Muscle Energy Technique. Structural integrity will also suffer and chain health problems will follow due to this condition.

In general, the therapy is not that risky as compared to other types of therapies that includes painful and quite unique methods during their therapy session. However, being vigilant and cautious about everything in an alternative medical care is the best thing to do to make sure that you will not have any problems in the long run. Besides, your body will be the one paying for the consequences when things go awful.