Risk Factors Or Likelihood of Having Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is becoming a common cancer in all over the world. Be known that are many risk factors or signs that you could have a 'colorectal' cancer (colon) yourself too. This article discusses all the factors in their details.

1. If you are older than the age of 50

The older you are, especially after 50, the more you are at risk. Although younger people have been known to suffer from this disease, chances are, age is a useful indicator to determine the percentage of having a colon cancer.

2. If a family member has the disease

You are at higher risk if your parents, siblings, children or even relatives have had colon cancer. By this, your risk increases even further if several members are having or have the disease.

3. If you have 'colorectal' polyps

Polyp is a growth in the body. Usually, they are abnormal and can be malignant (deadly) or benign (not deadly). In this case, a polyp can evolve to a tumour that causes colon cancer. Polyps are quite common in those above 50 years of age. They arise from the inner wall of the colon or rectum (part where you pass motion). Adenoma is one type of polyp that is associated with a higher risk of cancer.

4. If you have had other colon conditions

If you have had chronic inflammatory conditions of the colon (such as chronic ulceration in the large intestine), you are also at a higher risk of developing the cancer.

5. Your diet is not healthy

Your risk increases if your diet is high in animal fat and proteins. A low in fibre is also a problem.

6. Living a sedentary lifestyle

Being overweight and not exercising are contributors to increasing colon cancer.