Risk Factors of Nail Fungus


Nail fungus infection is one of the diseases that grow on toenails and fingernails. A lot of people develop this kind of disease because of the wide ranging risk factor of nail fungus infection.

Even though a person practices perfect hygiene, he can still acquire nail fungus infection due to a wide array of factors and causes. You are at greater risk of acquiring nail fungus infection if you have a small cut or injury on your toes or fingers and exposed it on the fungus. The injury may be caused by tight shoes and pressure on the feet.

A person with sweaty feet and overworked feet such as runners, dancers and athletes as well as those people who often used public bathrooms, swimming pools, showers and locker rooms are also at risk of developing nail fungus infection.

If you already have a history of athlete’s foot, you are most likely to develop nail fungus infection. People with other medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are at greater risk of acquiring nail fungus.

Having manicures and pedicures in unsanitary nail spa and salon, especially those with poor sanitation practices on their nail care tools can be a source of infection. Some customers may have nail fungus infection that can be transmitted through the tools used by the manicurists.

Nail fungus is far more common in elderly because of several factors. These are: poor blood circulation, susceptibility to fungus as the nails grow thick and slowly due to aging. Men tend to be more susceptible to nail fungus than women. Those with family history of nail fungus are at risk. Here are some of the other risk factors that can likely develop nail fungus:

  • Active sweat glands
  • Humid and moist environment
  • Constant wearing of socks and shoes that hinder proper feet ventilation
  • Walking barefoot in moist environment
  • Other minor injuries on nails
  • Other medical conditions such as diabetes, blood circulation problems and weak immune system

Aside from the aforementioned risk factors, you will see some discoloration on the toenails and fingernails. Nail fungus infection is quite hard to detect while it is on its early stage. However, the infection became visible when they are fully established on the nails and there is a yellow spot that seems to grow that indicates the spread of the infection until it affects the whole nail and sometimes the whole set of fingernails and toenails. It is easy for the fungus to grow and proliferate in the nails as the nails present favorable environment for the fungus.

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