Ringworm Cream – Know What Remedy to Use to Get Rid of Ringworm?

Ringworm has been around for a while. This parasitic fungus infects people as well as animals and is easily transmitted. Children have a higher probability of catching the disease because of their undeveloped immune system. As painful or embarrassing as it is, there are many ringworm creams available that can cure the disease in just 4 weeks.

Ringworm Creams

At any Walgreens or drug center you can pick up a variety of ringworm creams. You will normally find medication such as Miconazole, Lotrimin, Lamisil and Canesten. Many others will be available. You can just ask the staff to suggest a proper ringworm cream.

The ringworm creams suggested above have ingredients such as terbinafine hydrochloride which mainly disrupt that fungus’s ability to produce ergosterol, a main component of fungi cell membranes. The medications target this part of the fungi cell and eventually destroy it.

Can I take antifungal pills?

Ringworm creams such as Lamisil also offer an orally taken pill which is also very effective and eliminates the need to apply messy ringworm cream on your body. Remember to take the directed dosage only. Also, be aware of any symptoms that may show up when using this treatment. With any ringworm cream or treatment option, be sure you are not allergic to any of the substances in the medicine.

How to Prevent Ringworm

Once you cured the disease with the above recommended methods, be sure to keep a good hygiene and take baths at least once a day to prevent ringworm from appearing again.