Review of 6 "Stop Snoring Mouth Guards"

If you’ve been awoken by a loved one who informs you they can’t sleep because of your snoring, you know it’s time to look at stop snoring mouth guards for their peace of mind, and yours. Don’t worry, these guards have been tested and shown to work. These mouth pieces are worth a shot.

1. AveoTSD

This device holds the tongue in place, and is good for those heavy sleepers who have a problem with their tongue blocking their airway. It’s composed of a very comfortable silicone, and essentially holds your tongue towards the front of the mouth. By doing so, the device is able to keep the airway unobstructed.

2. Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance

This second stop snoring mouth guards is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and is great for people who suffer from sleep apnea. It’s basically a device that employs adjustable, stretchable straps to hold the lower jaw forward. It has proven to effectively treat sleep apnea.

3. Elastomeric Sleep Appliance

This is another silicone mouth piece, which is custom-fit for every user. Your dentist will have to create this device, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of sleep apnea.

4. Full Breath Solution

This is another of the tongue-stabilizing stop snoring mouth guards. It helps to prevent the tongue from blocking the back of the throat and preventing air flow, which causes snoring and apnea in the first place.

5. MPowRX

This is one of the few OTC (over-the-counter) mouth guards carried by local groceries and pharmacies. It uses the same action as many of the others – holds the tongue in such a way as to prevent your airway from being blocked.

6. The Noiselezz Mouthpiece

This snore-preventing mouth piece is made individually, customized for the user. It holds your mandible forward so that your airway is unobstructed by your tongue. This particular device was first created in Denmark, though there are many North American distributors as well.

If you want a solution for a quiet sleep, then try one of these stop snoring mouth guards. Your snoring will either be done away with entirely or reduced greatly. These mouth pieces can be of the custom-made variety, or over-the-counter, which means there’s one to fit your budget. If your snoring is caused by sleep apnea, then the custom-fit models may be best. Just be sure to do the proper research and make sure the device you decide on is right in your case.