Revealed – The Right Way to Take a Bath Or Shower For Eczema Sufferers


If you are sure that you have eczema, the first thing you need to learn is about the skin treatment. There are two important factors about skin treatment, which are bathing and moisturizers. In this article, I am going to talk about the bathing that should be carefully done by all eczema sufferers.

First, you bath or shower should not take too long. And after finish bathing or showering, you should apply your moisturizer in order to avoid dry skin. Keep this in mind that dry skin is the best condition for having eczema.

As previously stated, then, you should take a bath or shower in a short period of time, since proper bathing is considered to be one of the effective way to treat your eczema condition. Why? Because bathing can get enough moisture to your body. However, only bathing is not enough since you want to lock that moisture into your skin also, and this is the reason why you should apply your skincare cream after bathing.

Talking about using moisturizer after bathing, there is some steps that you need to know if you want to do it right. Normally, after finishing your bath, you always dry yourself with towel. Next time, do not do that. Just use soft towel to lightly dab your body, but do not completely dry yourself yet because you need the moisture from your bath to lock in. After that, apply your cream or lotion as mentioned.

Now, comes to the creams and lotions. Since you need to use it, so you must choose it wisely. Many people select their creams because of the good smell. Think about this again. Where is the good smell coming from? The good smell is coming from the perfume that contain in that creams or lotions. Of course, those perfumes will worsen your eczema condition because some chemicals found in those products can create skin irritation. So, next time when you need to buy a cream or lotion, always choose the natural or unscented products.

Let's get back to the bath or shower again. So, if you want to take one, make it short. One time per day is fine. Twice is still ok, but not more than that. Again, when you take your bath or shower, try to take it with warm water. Either hot or cold water is not good for your eczema condition. And for the soap, the same as your creams or lotions, using natural or unscented soap will be recommended.

Well, following all the bathing steps mentioned in this article may not cure your eczema, but it is an effective way to treat your skin, in order to avoid any bad skin condition that might worsen your eczema symptoms.