Resveratrol and Diarrhea – How Are They Linked?


A small percentage of the population is experiencing a strange phenomenon. They start consuming Resveratrol supplements, but refrain from continuing the process because they start experiencing diarrhea. In fact, there are some reports that indicate that some were hospitalized due to this factor. Any ways, what is the relationship between Resveratrol and diarrhea? The same will be seen in the following passages. Bear in mind that anything when consumed in excess will start inducing adverse effects on the body. The same is one of the major causes for diarrhea, please read and understand the concepts.

Have you ever wondered about the manufacturing techniques that are employed for bulk production of Resveratrol? Start researching into this paradigm and the answers will slowly start materializing ahead. There are two primary sources for Resveratrol – they are grapes and Japanese knotweed. The concentration of this alkaloid is extremely high for the knotweeds in comparison to the grapes. Hence, most of the manufactures use the same vegetation for bulk production of healthcare supplements. Later, you will realize that Resveratrol that is derived from knotweed induces diarrhea rather than the supplements derived from grapes.

Is there some element present within knotweeds that induce diarrhea on the commoners? Researchers started pondering over the same query and finally realized that these weeds contain something that can be loosely termed as emodin. Emodin is an alkaloid that is commonly used as a laxative (but in an ulterior manner). Given 100mg of Resveratrol, it has been found that approximately 10 to 15 percent of emodin can be found on it. When people consume the Resveratrol supplements that have been manufactured from Japanese knotweed, they start experiencing all these kinds of troubles. Is there any method that is prevalent (and commonly employed by the manufacturers) to control the emodin concentration?

Actually, there are – you can be happy on that account. Reputed manufacturers are noted to employ filtration systems to isolate emodin from the Resveratrol extract. This is a complicated procedure and only those companies who truly value their customers induce such strategies. In simpler terms, always look out for the concentration of theemodin alkaloids before investing on a Resveratrol supplement. I do realize the taxing nature, but if you do not wish to spend more time in your bathroom, please exercise caution the next time. In fact, the measure of emodin embodies the production standards of a particular manufacturer.

If you do not wish to experience the same, you will have to opt for pricier Resveratrol supplements. These are often manufactured from grapes. Alternatively, you can spend some time researching over the wines – red wine is a good natural source of the same alkaloid. The internet is your best friend on these matters, and you will come across ample knowledge on many web portals maintained by physicians and researchers. The next you experience diarrhea, you know what exacti is to be done. Best of luck and please keep us posted with your experiences – it will be beneficial for the others, also.