Restore Moisture Content of Skin for a Temptingly Gorgeous Skin Surface

The skin rich in moisture content gives a soft, supple, smooth, and youthful look. But, the skin deficient in moisture is a problematic issue. It makes the skin dry and invites several complications, particularly in the winter season. Read on, as the present article throws light on the subject and guides with the expert measures available to restore the moisture rich radiant glow of skin surface.

Natural ingredients for skin care

The optimum moisture content of skin is vital – and skin deficient in moisture is generally dry with no healthy glow. Here, use of plant extracts and beauty products enriched with precious herbs and ayurvedic extracts – helps a lot to moisturize, protect and pamper the skin. The noteworthy and result oriented beauty tips are illustrated underneath,

Tip-1 Create a paste by mixing equal quantities of lemon juice, milk cream and tomato juice. Apply this freshly prepared paste on skin and leave it for at least ten minutes, and then wash off with clean water. This results into moisture rich, smooth and youthful skin.

Tip-2 Take carom seeds and soak it into the hot water for half an hour. Now, use it to wash the skin. This will provide scintillating and awesome natural beauty to dry skin.

Tip-3 The use of castor oil is highly recommended for dry skin, as it penetrates deeply into the skin layers and results into soft and temptingly gorgeous skin surface.

Tip-4 Apply the freshly prepared mixture of honey and orange juice on skin – by and rubbing it gently for few minutes. Leave the mixture of honey and orange juice on skin for ten minutes, and then, wash off with clean water.

Tip-5 Apply the freshly prepared mixture of honey, curd and avocado juice on dry skin. This not only restores the optimum moisture level of skin, but also provides great relief from itchy and flaky skin.

Chocolate pack

Here, a chocolate pack has proved incredibly fruitful in giving boost to moisture level and maintaining the youthful glow of skin. The chocolate pack can be easily prepared by mixing two tablespoons of mashed avocado, two tablespoons of maize flour, five tablespoons of honey, and five tablespoons of cocoa powder. It is advised to apply the freshly prepared chocolate pack on skin and leave it for half an hour – and wash off with luke warm water. Last but not least, the beauty tips illustrated above, when used in right way as directed – gives an amazing smoothness, radiance, and firmness to skin.