Restaurant Management Training – Food Safety Points to Remember

Running a restaurant or any establishment serving food is a big responsibility. The last thing you need is a case of food poisoning, which could have been avoided, as it will do a lot of damage to your business. With that in mind here are some important things to remember when it comes to storing and serving food.

1. On delivery your items should be checked properly. Check the temperature of chilled and frozen items ensure that they meet your criteria. Look at the packaging, is it damaged, crushed or ripped. Take a look at any tinned items to see if the can has blown as this can point to an issue with the product inside the tin. With your fruit and vegetables check them thoroughly to make sure it is good quality, looking out for bruised, damaged or rotting items. If you find anything that has an issue do not accept it and return it to your supplier. Once you have checked your delivery you need to put it away as soon as possible.

2. Careful storage of your food is a must. Be aware of cross contamination ensuring raw food items are beneath cooked food items, meat is separate from fish, and dairy is separate from fruits and vegetables. Always check your fridge and freezer temperatures regularly to make certain that they are working correctly and operating at the optimum temperature.

3. Food safety doesn’t end there when cooking your food there are some critical things you must bear in mind. Cooking food to correct temperatures is a necessity, to ensure you kill any germs and bacteria which occur in food. Adhering to this rule should reduce the risks of food poisoning significantly. However there are certain foods that do not require cooking to these temperatures, for example a rare steak, if you see fit you should notify your customers of this.

4. Finally ensure that your food gets served to your customer piping hot, hot food onto hot plates is enough.

If you follow these guidelines you should be able to trade safely without any food poisoning issues rearing their ugly head.