Renal Calculi: Kidney Stone – Ayurvedic and Natural Treatment

Renal Calculi: Kidney stone

Kidneys provide a natural system for blood purification which is a nature's gift to our body. Kidneys are two in number and are in the shape of beans. They are connected by a urine tube each to urine bladder. The main function of kidneys is training. They strain harmful substances from the blood and throw them out in the form of urine. They maintain the specific gravity of blood and deep the blood pressure stable. If kidneys do not work properly, then the accumulated poisonous elements present in the urine such as urea, uric acid, potassium chloride, sulfate and phosphate settle inside in the form of stone resulting in renal calculi.


Irregularity in diet and wrong dietary habits leading to obstruction in urination an accumulation of chemical elements in the kidneys.

Faulty digestion of uric acid and calcium or improper functioning of parathyroid glands too cause the formation of various shapes of stones.

Taking polluted water also contributes to stone formation.

The formation of kidney stone sometimes sends out blood along with the urine without causing any pain. When the stone changes its place, pain is felt around the urine bladder. At times, there is severe pain causing great worry. Urine flows just drop by drop producing a kind of burning sensation and the body becomes weak.


1. Take carrot and raw potato juice

2. Take less food because by eating less, the extra energy of the body gets engaged in throwing the stone out.

3. Eat kulthi dal soaked overnight: Take 100 grams of kulthi pulse and cook it in the morning with 750 gms. of water. When it remains only 300 gms, add little salt and pepper and eat it. Taking cucumber along with will show quick positive results.

4. From the point of view of precaution, abstain from taking items beet root strawberry, peach, berry, tea and coffee as all these contain an excess amount of oxalate. Also avoid heavily fried food items.

5. Taking apple juice regularly stops stone formation. If it has already formed, even then it will come out with urine as it wears out. Apple juice cleanses the kidneys in quite a big way.

6. Drink 25 to 50 gms of boiled beet root water according to age and take one or two cucumbers along with meals without fail. Avoid rice and tomato. Do not obstinate urination even for a second. Do not sit in one pose longer than an hour.

Even after once the stone comes out and, if faulty diet habits still continue, the process of stone formation may persist.

1. If stone has started forming in the kidney, then regular practice of Mahamudra, Yogmudra and Udiyan Bandh will simply throw it out.

2. By living on juice diet for some days, the stone will come out in the form of sand.

3. Drinking coconut water to drink with a straw a number of times during the day and nothing else.

4. Wherever the pain, take cold and warm water's formation for 15 to 20 minutes.

Ayurvedic herbs for kidney stone

Emblica officinalis

Tribulus terrestris

Boerhaavia Diffusa

Chandraprabha vati .