Removing Skin Tags Yourself – Dont Try This at Home!

Skin tags – unsightly, painful, sore and damn right uncomfortable!

Thankfully though, removing skin skin tags yourself is possible thereby avoiding a trip to the doctor or in extreme cases, the hospital and a surgical procedure.

These terrible tags are merely small pieces of skin which start to form in various parts of the body. More common around the groin area they also can manifest around the eyes, facial areas and in my case, underarms.

Fearful of Painful Surgery?

If you are anything like me, then a trip to hospital or even the doctor fills you with dread and breaks out your brow in a cold sweat then the good news is there is another way to remove skin tags yourself without surgery.

Not only are having these annoying tags uncomfortable they also look horrible especially around the interior area. In most cases, treatments are not covered by various insurances given they do not pose a threat to overall health. Removing the tags is something 'cosmetic' and as a result is a cost most insurers will not cover.

In the vast majority of cases removing skin tags yourself is a viable option and can be transported out in the comfort of your own home. It is worth noting though that they should become inflamed to such an extent that they start to bleed then I would advise seeking out a professional opinion before embarking upon a home remedy to make sure they are benign in nature.

That said, and in my case, removing skin tags itself is a viable option. As I mentioned, I have a fear of hospitals and doctors and put up with my underarm tags for many years before finally trying something different from the typical 'old wives tales' methods. You know the ones – tie some cotton around it in the hope it will fall off, cut it off with clippers (DO NOT TRY THIS) , lotions and potions, vitamins, preparations etc, etc, etc. I tried them all in an attempt to rid myself of the constant soreness under my arms – none of them worked .

Can I remove them myself safely?

Sure, skin tags can be removed at home using some of the above methods including the use of creams, lotions and even freezing techniques. However, all of these methods of treatment did nothing to help my loose tags of skin and removing skin tags yourself can be damn right dangerous if you do not understand what you are doing.

That said, andhere is the golden nugget for anyone suffering like I did; there are a small proportion of home remedies which do help rid your body of these tags without painful surgery. A treatment which worked for me was the only effective method I had experienced of removing skin tags myself at home. These types of home treatments are a good substitute for people whom do not save the thought of a trip to the doctor or hospital to remove them. In my case, a home remedy worked for me and worked quickly all without painful surgical procedures.