Remove Red Rough Skin – Stop the Soreness

Do you want to remove that red, rough skin on your face, hands and neck?  Sure your do.  And I am going to tell you exactly how to do that – remove the red rough skin and stop the sore miserable pain.

To remove red rough skin and stop the soreness is best solved by understanding  the cause of red rough dry skin. 

There could be several different causes, but typically, it is overexposure to the elements or long-term dermatitis.  If you work in a harsh environment, it may be difficult, but it is possible to improve the skin’s appearance and its health. 

Taking the steps to do that is important for several reasons.  Your appearance is, of course, one thing, but the skin’s health affects you in more ways than you might think.  It is a part of the immune system.  When it is not functioning properly, you are more susceptible to viral and other types of infections.  So, here are my suggestions.

Protect Yourself from the Elements 

If you want to remove red, rough skin, the first step is to protect the affected area from the environment.  It could be sun, wind or cold that is causing the problem.  It could be smoke, dust or other environmental toxins. 

Wear gloves when you are working outdoors.  Wear a hat, with a brim that is wide enough to protect your face from the sun.  Wear lightweight “breathable” clothing that does not trap moisture against the skin.  When damp clothing rubs against you, it causes chafing, in other words, redness and roughness.

If you are frequently exposed to sunlight, use a broad spectrum sun block.  Zinc oxide is the best.  Remember to reapply it according to the directions.  One application won’t do for the whole day. Reduce Your Exposure to Irritants

If you are a man that shaves your shaving cream and your aftershave are probably contributing to your problem.  In order to remove red, rough skin, start shaving less frequently.  Be sure that your blades are sharp.  Try using plain grape seed oil (available at gourmet food stores) as a shaving lubricant.  Only save when your beard has been softened by a hot towel or steam from the shower.  After shaving, use a moisturizer, instead of an alcohol based after shave.   

Use a Nourishing Moisturizer on a Regular Basis

This is the most important step if you really want to remove red, rough skin.  Ingredients like witch hazel and Functional Keratin inhibit inflammation that can occur after shaving.  Creams containing the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 have been proven to reduce roughness.  The two of them work together to improve the skin’s moisture content.  The cause of roughness is essentially excessive dryness, usually over a long period of time.

If the problem is on your face and you are a man, an active facial fluid is the best choice.  If you are a woman, there are two separate moisturizers to consider.  One is for use as a Daytime Moisturizer and  the other is a Restorative Night Cream; it contains Shea butter and many other beneficial ingredients.

To remove red, rough skin on the hands, heels, elbows or other parts of the body use a high quality Body Lotion.  The above creams I recommend work better than anything else on the market, because they contains more active ingredients. And they definitely help get rid of red, rough skin.