Removal of Skin Tags – Another Option


The removal of skin tags is something which all suffers of this embarrassing condition look to sort out. But just how do you remove them safely and for good? Before we look into some do's and dont's it is first important to understand what a skin tag is and be certain that this is what the problem is.

Skin tags are small pieces of skin which hang from various locations of the body, usually by a small thread of skin. They are in most cases benign skin lumps and pose no health problem. They are however extremely unsightly and can when rubbed or made become sore and irritated. These tags should not be confused with warts given they are completely different in form. The technical name for the tags themselves is referred to as a penduncle and typically are very small. Typically, the take on the same color of the under body skin and are generally common around the face, edge of the eyes, groin area and armpits.

If you are a sufferer of skin tags you may feel that you are the only one but rest assured that they are very common with millions of people suffering with them although some people may be more prone to the problem than others especially if members of your family also have the condition.

Ok, you so understand that you have skin tags and need a decent method of removal.

There are a couple of options open to you;

The first removal method involves the many methods and preparations for treating mild cases of skin tags. Handed down the years things such as freezing, tieing with a piece of cotton to strangulated the tag, clipping them off with nail clippers (DO NOT TRY THIS!), Using duct tape (DO NOT TRY THIS EITHER!) And even bathing with tea tree oils.

These methods are something which in some cases will help to relieve the unsecured sereness but will do little to eradicate them completely and the chances are they will return.

The second option involves a trip to your local doctor or hospital while you can have the tags surgically removed. This is effective at ensuring the skin tags do not return but will leave an unsightly scar after the procedure. The other issue with surgical procedures is that you will have to end a hospital or physician surgery and the inevitable anesthetic injection.

Is there another option?

Removal of skin tags is something which if your anything like me, was something that I needed to have done. My problem was the fear of injections, the doctor, hospitals and surgeons knives! I hunted high and low for a viable alternative to a medical procedure and could not find one which worked. In my case, the removal of skin tags from my underarms was impossible.

That is until last year when I discovered a new and ground breaking home remedy. This treatment cured the terrible underarm skin tags I was suffering with. Not only curing the condition for good but also within 1 week over 90% of my tags had gone. I only wish I had discovered it years ago, I could have saved myself countless bottles of lotions and creams!