Remedy For Thick Toenails – Remedies That Work to Cure Thick Toenails

Thick toenails are often associated with toenail fungus. This is often the case however it is not always the case. Symptoms to determine whether thick toenails are a result of a toenail fungus are discoloring of the nail, fogging of the nail, brittleness, pain, or chipping of the nail. Any of these symptoms point to a good indication that you may be suffering from a toenail fungus.

Thick Toenail Remedies

If your thick toenail has come about from a fungus there are several ways to treat it. Some of which are ineffective, others which are dangerous, and others which take a little determination but show remarkable results.

Over the counter topical solutions for curing nail fungus are generally ineffective because they fail to deliver treatment directly to the fungus and fail to penetrate the nail. Prescription drugs can be quite expensive and include countless side effects. These side effect include liver damage which can result in death. Your not even guaranteed treatment with these ingested drugs.

One of the most effective methods I found for curing my thick toenail fungus was using a combination of techniques. It took sometime to get the remedy down to something that actually worked for me. I started off by shaving my infected nail down just a little bit. I did this after I took a nice hot shower so the nail would be easier to shave. Be careful to not shave off too much. Just shaving the surface of the infected nail will do.

The next part of my treatment was dipping my feet in regular old store bought beer for thirty minutes each application. I did this twice a day. After I finished this treatment I started using a natural topical treatment.

After a few weeks of applying this treatment I began seeing a gradual healing of the nail. Obviously this takes a little bit of work but it was the safest most effective method I could find.