Remedies For Toenail Fungus


Toenail fungi are a pain in the foot, to say the least. In their wake, they leave your feet looking flaky and unattractive. To make matters worse, toenail fungus is terribly infectious, so if one nail gets infected, the infection easily spreads to other nails. That is why it is important to start remedies for toe nail fungus as early as possible.Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any one pill or ointment that beats the problem. Several treatments are available and the method of treatment depends on the degree of the infection. Severe conditions are treated with oral prescription medications. Different people respond to different kinds of medication, making it difficult to identify the most effective medicine, at the outside. However, oral medications tend to be expensive. Besides, they may cause harsh side effects in people who have certain medical conditions like heart or liver problem. In any case, in a vast majority of people, these strong medications simply do not work.

Some topical applications help improve the condition, but they may cause irritation and burning. Very advanced infection may culminate in the surgical removal of the concerned toenail. A number of home remedies have been used for the successful cure of the toenail fungus. These remedies are based on altering the living environment of the fungus and generally involve changing the pH of the nail and surrounding skin by immersing it in an acidic or alkaline solution. One such remedy is dipping the concerned nail in vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. In some people, rubbing the nail and its surrounding area with tea tree oil produces desired results.

Before you use home remedies, you have to prepare your nail so that the remedy can reach the fungus. Clip the infected nail and file it to its barest minimum. Keep your nails dry throughout the day and allow your feet to breathe. Whether you use oral medications, a topical application, a home cure or a mixture of all these, remember that toe nail fungus is very chronic, meaning that it is difficult to get rid of it easily. The reason for this is because the fungus that causes the condition lives in warm and damp areas that are difficult to reach. For any remedy to start taking effect, it is necessary that you continue using the remedy every single day over a long period of time. Only persistent efforts can help you get rid of the unsightly toe nail fungus.