Remedies for Sore Throat

Sore throat mainly occurs due to ill effects of weather change or consumption of some wrong kind of food. People allergic to a particular type of food also get sore throat if they consume it by chance. Sore throat is mainly an outcome of common seasonal cold or flu. The organ called pharynx situated in the back of the throat gets inflamed due to some viral or bacterial infection, which causes excessive pain in there.

It feels like as if there is a lump in the throat. The most effected of all from sore throat issues are the kids, as they intend to eat anything of their liking irrespective of what is good for them and what not. They are vulnerable to all types of infections including throat infections. The common symptoms of this problem are given below:

• Severe discomfort in speaking and pain the throat and frequent coughing.

• Inconvenience while swallowing food.

• Blocked nasal capillaries

• Mild fever at times and shivering

• Swelling in the lymph glands

The most obvious causes for such a discomforting condition could be like:

• Common cold led by bacterial infections

• Diseases like Tonsillitis and diphtheria etc.

• Excessive smoking

• And leukemia in some cases

One can consult the medical practitioner to treat sore throat issues, but using a natural and safe mode to treat the disease could prove to be more beneficial than going the artificial way. It is a very common ailment, thus a lot of remedies to cure it can be sought from various natural medication therapies. People tend to mix the artificial medications with the natural ones, as they think that it would benefit them more and will help them get rid of the problem sooner. But it’s not the case.

The problem may get heightened up if such experimentation is done with the medications. Using the right medication in the right manner is the only thing which can get you rid of sore throat. Just incorporate the things which you are required to. Some of the very successful home remedies for treating sore throat are given below. Just go through them at least once to know what to do when suffering from sore throat.

• Perform normal gargling with lukewarm water first. Then add a tea spoon of salt into the glass filled with lukewarm water at once, and start gargling till the glass is empty again.

• Take a pinch of cinnamon power and black pepper powder, mix them well with a teaspoon of pure honey and then swallow the whole of it at once. Drink a few sips of Luke warm water to push the mixture down into the food pipe.

• Perform gargling with a mix of some mango tree bark powder into a glass of lukewarm water. It is highly recommended for those, who cannot endure the pungent taste of cinnamon and black paper with honey which is another highly effective remedy to cure sore throat.

All the above said home remedies are free from any side effects thus can be used for kids also.