Remedies For Red Cracked Corner of Mouth Sores

Having a cracked corner of mouth is a painful and embarrassing thing. Although this happens to many people during the dry, cold months of winter, it can strike at any time. Angular Cheilitis is a problem that people of all ages have to deal with. It’s hard to know exactly what to do to help alleviate the redness and chapped skin. There are some remedies that not only minimize the appearance of this common skin condition they also help take away the discomfort.

One thing you must do if you have cracked corner of mouth skin is to avoid getting that area wet. A common misconception about Angular Cheilitis is that, liked chapped lips, putting lip balm on will bring some relief. That’s not true at all. In fact if you use lip balm on the redness at the corner of your lips you are actually making the problem worse. You want to keep this skin as dry as you possibly can. That means avoiding lip balm and any lipstick.

People who have dentures are prone to developing a cracked corner of mouth sore. If your dentures are ill fitted you are more likely to drool when you sleep which can just make the issue even worse than it is. It’s a great idea to have your dentures adjusted from time to time.

You may also be suffering with a vitamin deficiency if you have regular bouts of Angular Cheilitis. People who have cracked corner of mouth sores may have low levels of Vitamin B12 and iron. You can begin taking a supplement or a better approach is to add foods that are high in Vitamin B12 and iron to your diet. Although this may not cure your current issue, it will help prevent further problems from developing.