Remedies For a Diabetic – Reverse Diabetes

'Remedies for Diabetic' has been a popular search term these days. With recent news about natural ways to reverse diabetes, thousands of people are trying to find alternative ways to reverse or even cure this common disease. And you can do it too!

Unfortunately, most traditional doctors and medical establishments believe that insulin is the only treatment we have for diabetes. Although many diabetes experts and some doctors would argue that a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle is all you need to reverse diabetes.

Who is right? Try for yourself some of these simple remedies for a diabetic and your doctor may be telling you to ease back on the insulin.

7 Remedies for a Diabetic

1. Your diet is one of the most important aspects of an alternative treatment. In a study that investigated Greenland Eskimos, who had the lowest prevalence of both heart disease and diabetes on the planet, showed their diet had a major impact on this. Out of the 1,800 people monitored and studied, only 1 person had developed diabetes. Their diet – almost entirely protein with only 3% carbohydrates.

You should immediately eliminate most carbohydrates from your diet because carbs are converted to sugar one digested.

2. On the opposite side of that, you should try to eat a diet that is rich in protein from lean meats, seafood and nuts. Protein repairs the cell membrane which is essential for making cells accept insulin.

3. Your diet should also be high in water soluble fiber which has been shown to flush toxins, radicals, cholesterol and even plaque. By flushing the junk, you can create healthy cells that are not pre-diabetic. And by the time you finish reading this sentence, your body has already created 60,000 new cells. Therefore, it is important to eat plenty of vegetables (less sugar) and not as much fruits (a lot of sugar).

4. You should also lose weight! Did you know that losing weight is possible with 75% of your diet habits and only 25% of your exercise habits? You can lose weight with watching the foods you eat. Finally, did you know that 75% of hunger pains are really thirst pains? Therefore, you can lose weight by drinking water. Go for 2 cups of water for every 2 hours you are awake.

5. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. There are over a thousand benefits for exercising and one of them is losing weight. Your body will also repair itself better and create healthy cells that may not be pre-diabetic.

6. Zinc deficiency is common in diabetics. It is no wonder why zinc has been found to help blood sugar get into the cells and also helps insulin to work better. You should immediately supplement zinc into your diet (whole foods) or pick up a supplement at your nearest health store.

7. Vitamin therapy has also been extremely popular. For example, vitamins C and E help sugar to move out of the blood stream and into the cells. These vitamins have also shown to keep the blood vessels healthy and protect against cardiovascular disease. But more importantly, vitamin E has also shown to improve the body's response to insulin.