Remedies – Fastest Technique to Treat Belching

Belching is often caused by aerophagia, a medical term for swallowing air. Everyone carries a certain amount of air and other gases in the gastrointestinal tract all the time.

On average, this tends to be slightly less than 1 cupful. Yet the body is constantly acquiring air and other gases throughout the day, taking some in through the mouth and producing some on its own. In all, it works out to almost 10 cupfuls of gas in 24 hours, about 9 cupfuls more than we can carry. The body constantly seeks ways to vent this excess. One of those ways is belching.

Sometimes excessive belching is associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and treatment of this condition may alleviate bothersome burping. Anti-gas medications, such as simethicone, are generally useless for excessive belching. Lifestyle modification such as avoidance of rapid eating, chewing gum, carbonated beverages and stopping smoking are often recommended but the response is variable. When simple reassurance and lifestyle modifications are not satisfactory, then psychological treatments such as relaxation therapy or behavioral therapy are currently the most useful approaches.

Belching, burping, gas or whatever you want to call it, they all have the same qualities, and that is to embarrass you when you’re out with your friends. However, this process is completely natural and it is your body’s way of releasing gasses that have accumulated within your digestive tract. In many cases a good belch will allow you to find relief from abdomen pain, which is caused by you swallowing air as you eat. However, there are times when burping is not appropriate and in rare cases individuals actually has Gastroesophageal diseases which causes involuntary burping. While belching is a natural human process, there are several home remedies for belching that will help silence the rumble.

Try after downing an entire bottle of pepto bismol through out the day with no luck. I had to go to work, so went online and found this home remedy. It worked within a half hour, and within just a few minutes I was belching a lot of gas which made me feels ten times better. The diarrhea and cramps stopped within 20-30 minutes. I still feel a bit queasy to my stomach.
Although hyper secretion of hydrochloric acid and reflux of gastric acid are the primary reasons for hyperacidity and heartburn respectively, following are some other causes of hyperacidity and heartburn. Not eating on time, eating fried and spicy food regularly, Stress, anxiety and Insomnia, Obesity, Pregnancy, Excessive smoking, Drinking excessive alcohol, Wearing tight clothes.

Reducing stress, following exercise tips from medical practitioners and inducing relaxation can help treat belching
Certain types of vegetables and fruits containing a particular type of starch are not well digested by the stomach but are effective tools to treat bacteria in the stomach such as: beans, lentils, cabbage, bananas, apricots, prunes, onions and sprouts. It is advisable to avoid such vegetables and fruits to prevent belching.

Eating foods or drinking beverarges which are irritating to the digestive tract such as alcohol, caffeine, greasy, spicy or refined foods, or vinegar.