Relieving Stress, Naturally


At one point or another, nearly everyone experiences some degree, and sort, of stress, tension, anxiety, etc. Often, when this becomes severe, possibly because it has been allowed to continue, unaddressed, for a significant period, someone might become dangerous, either to himself, or to others! At that point, quality treatment, by a trained mental health specialist, may be required, and, this may include strong medications, as an essential component, of the treatment plan. This article will attempt to briefly examine, some natural approaches, which may be able to reduce it reaching, that point. Remember, this is not meant, for diagnostic purposes, but please, to help you, realize, there are many options and opportunities, to help you treat, yourself, and your needs, before any conditions, accelerates, and advances.

1. Deep breathing: Take a deep breath! Step – back, and escape from the limitations of your personal comfort zone, and look deeply, into proceeding, with a more positive, can – do, attitude. Sometimes, merely, taking the time, to try to relax, rather than panic, and look at the bigger – picture, helps you better handle temporary stress. Remember, we all have stress, and our goal must be, to try to transform it, to what the Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Hans Selye, referred to, as eustress, or positive – stress!

2. Self – hypnosis: There have been many books, and articles, written about, self – hypnosis, and how, this technique, is often, a quality approach, to helping us, put things, better, into perspective.

3. Do not keep it in: For most people, discussing our doubts and anxieties, with individuals, we love, and who, love and care about us, and we truly, trust, might be helpful! Keeping emotions, pent-up, often making something minor, worse!

4. Exercise: Rather than sitting around, and feeling, sorry, for ourselves, and / or, depressed, etc, doing something, active, often helps, and relieves much of our tension and stress! Relaxation and exercise, go, hand – in – hand!

5. Natural remedies: Since the early part of the 20th Century, when the British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, researched and discovered, flower remedies, this natural approach, has been used, effectively, for natural, effective relief of stresses, tensions, and emotional distress, etc. For centuries, homeopathic remedies have been extensively used as a safe approach, to emotional healing, etc. There have also been extensive use, of herbs, for these purposes, for many years. There are treatments, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, Reiki therapy, etc, which have helped many individuals, handle, their day – to – day, stresses, anxieties, and unwanted tension.

These are just a sampling of some of the natural approaches, people use, to help them overcome, being burdened by stress. However, if it becomes more severe, one should seek the services of a mental health professional.