Relieving Arthritis Pain Safely and Naturally

A lot of the factors causing arthritis occur naturally. For instance, the most common cause, aging, leads to glucosamine depletion in one of joints which hampers the normal production and health of cartilage that could lead to osteoarthritis. Another factor is one's weight. Obesity could result in some arthritic conditions on weight-bearing joints. Another form of arthritis called arthritis spondylitis which affects one's backbone has been traced back to a deficiency in water intake.

So, how can common conditions of arthritis be treated? Seeing your physician for diagnosis plays a key role in the treatment. Depending on the type and severity of pain one is enduring, treatment may consist of minimal pain relievers, to more powerful NSAIDS, and occasional surgery. Diagnosis plays a key role in the treatment.

Natural Treatments

Some mild to moderate forms of arthritis can best be treated initially with exercise and a proper diet. A guided and monitored exercise program aims to strengthen one's joints so that it does not fall vulnerable to future arthritis especially when arthritis seems to be chronic. For people with weight problems, regular exercise not only helps strengthen their joints but would also help keep the extra and unnecessary weight off. Regular, moderate exercise that does not put undue stress on the affected joint can be beneficial. One can start by walking for 20 minutes daily and gradually increasing the distance or time. Other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as swimming and cycling are very effective as well and will not only strengthen the joints but the heart and lungs as well. On the other hand, a proper diet will work hand in hand with exercise and can potentially prevent diseases associated with fats and cholesterol build-up.

Alternative but safe treatment

An alternative treatment for arthritis that has been proven to be more effective than NSAIDS in treating moderate to severe pain associated with osteoarthritis is glucosamine supplements. There are literally hundreds of brands of these supplements, and choosing one that will deliver what it promises in an unregulated industry can be confusing. One of the more popular and trusted brands is Syn-flex Premium Liquid Glucosamine. Glucosamine supplements such as Synflex, assisted in rehabilitating damaged cartilage, improves mobility and reduces infection in joint affected areas. Synflex uses a pharmaceutical quality glucosamine and in its liquid form, you'll get maximum absorption and rapid pain relief. As mentioned before, arthritis can be caused by the normal process of aging while they naturally-occurring production of glucosamine in one's body slows down causing an imbalance between the overuse and recovery of joints.

These supplements help stimulate the healing of damaged cartilage with ingredients such as glucosamine HCL, glucosamine sulfate, shark cartilage, and chondroitin sulfate. Not only that, as stated before, these supplements have been known to treat the pain caused by arthritis without the side effects and dangers of common NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The latest study by "The New England Journal of Medicine" released in early 2006, shown that glucosamine chondroitin, (the same found in Syn-flex) reduced arthritis pain in those suffering moderate to severe joint pain more effectively than Celebrex. That's quite an eye opener to its effectiveness in treating osteoarthritis. Using natural substances that help heal, instead of masking pain, has helped the glucosamine industry explode in sales. Synflex Premium Liquid Glucosamine has proven itself to be a leader if not the leading seller of liquid glucosamine products, with world wide distribution.