Relaxation Techniques in Managing Ulcer Pain

Pain brought by ulcer is not easy to deal with even with proper diet or prescribed medication. But those who suffer from ulcers can get relief from different kinds of relaxation techniques. These types of relaxation techniques include deep breathing, meditation, and yoga. Relaxation techniques are recommended for practice by ulcer sufferers to lessen and deal with ulcer pain.

The following is a guide that can help you in managing ulcer pain with the use of relaxation techniques:

Massage therapy.

Get a massage therapy regularly. Massage, which is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, can prevent pressure ulcers. Massage therapy is not only a good way to relieve ulcer pain, but it is also a perfect way to relax the body.

Proper digestion.

It is very important to allow your food to be properly digested before doing any kind of strenuous work or activity. See, engaging in any kind of strenuous activity after eating tends to increase the amount of acid in the stomach, thus, causing upset stomach and irritation.

Chamomile tea.

Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea after meals. This can aid in digestion and relaxation, for chamomile relaxes the mind and the body.


Meditation is known to relax the digestive system and ease pain. This is a perfect ulcer pain relief and stress reliever.


Enroll in a yoga class as this is a perfect option in managing ulcer symptoms. Once you know the drill, you can then practice yoga at home on a daily basis. Yoga keeps the body moving and healthy. This exercise technique helps the body in digesting the food better as well as keeps the body balanced.

Breathing exercises.

The trick to remember in breathing exercises is to have a clear mind and be mindful of your body. As much as possible, do not strain or tense your muscles while you are doing this exercise.