Reiki Treatment for Diabetes

Is Reiki effective in assisting the treatment of Diabetes?


Should Reiki be used to assist the treatment of Diabetes?

Only if the client has Type 2 Diabetes…

This may seem and odd statement to make because if Reiki has been shown to help treat Diabetes Type 1, then why not use it?

Diabetes Type 1 is a condition caused by the lack of insulin being produced by the patients pancreas. This is generally considered incurable and requires the patient to inject themselves each day with insulin to assist in the break-down of blood sugars. The patient has to monitor their blood sugar level quite closely to avoid peaks and troughs. We have all had sugar rushes at some point and they can be quite unpleasant. A Type 1 Diabetic is at risk of these all the time unless they manage their condition properly. A dip in blood sugar through eating too little or injecting insulin at the wrong time can be seriously dangerous, and in extreme cases lead to diabetic coma and possibly death.

Type 2 Diabetes is a slightly different ball game. There is little wrong with the pancreas however it is the rest of the body that has the problem. The cells become resistant to insulin absorption so blood sugar cannot be processed properly. In many cases this can be managed through diet alone. Blood sugar checking is not as vital; however it is still required on a regular basis even once diet is under control, just to make sure the occasional piece of chocolate or portion of apple pie doesn’t start to get too regular.

So why shouldn’t Reiki be used with Type 1 Diabetics?

Because it may work too well, and too quickly. The problem any health practitioner has is in knowing whether their client will follow their instructions once they leave. Every Diabetic knows they must check their blood sugars regularly but we are all human and we all forget important things now and then. If a Diabetic seeks Reiki treatment for their condition then the risks are that it may work, insulin production may be started again and they may forget to check their levels before their next injection. The issue here isn’t that Reiki is dangerous, but forgetting to check the blood sugar level is a lot more dangerous.

As stated above, if blood sugar levels drop too low then coma and death are serious risks. After their Reiki session, a Diabetic is at risk of their pancreas starting to produce insulin in a significant quantity and this could mean that, at some point, their next injection could overdose them. Blood sugar levels will plummet in this situation and the resulting coma could be fatal.

This article may sound like scare mongering but this situation has actually occurred on more than one occasion. For the patients sake it is best practice to refuse to treat clients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes. They may have a track record of religiously testing their blood but can you, as a Reiki Practitioner, really trust them to continue doing so? They are only human, and humans are fallible. No practitioner wants to hear of the demise of one of their clients because their treatment worked, so it is far better to be safe rather than sorry.