Reformation of Education to Control Intolerance

The purpose of education is to socialize an individual as a moderate and responsible human being. Through learning man can identify himself and the purpose of his life and what life entails. Only an erudite person with constructive approach can help out in nation building and work for betterment of humanity. A well-informed evil genius yobbo is more perilous for a society than an unqualified one. Although, literacy rate is steadily increasing all over the world but moral baggage is perpetually gimping at the same pace while extremism is rapidly escalating. Man is becoming more callous with each passing day. Even real brothers have become bloodthirsty enemies due to materialism, individualism and egotism. These social evils are byproducts of our loopholed education system. They are acting as blight in our society to pile-up the underpinnings of integrity and humanity.

Paradoxically, enterprising man has conquered towering mountains and glistening peaks, explored Antarctica, reached at Mariana Trench that is the deepest part of the ocean, made jogging headway in information and space technology, cured deadly diseases and overcame scarcity of foodstuff but he has scruffily not cut the mustard to recognize rationale of his creation and to travel long chalk journey of his internal world. He is marching blindfolded in dungeon of his inner darkness that entangles him throughout his life without any gleam of anticipation. The eminent poet of the East Allama Muhammad Iqbal rightly said:

“Dhondane wala sitaron ki guzar gahon ka

Apne afkar ki dunia mein safar kar na saka;

Jis ne sooraj ki shoaon ko girftar kia

Zindgi ki shabe tarek seher kar na saka.”

(The seeker of tracks of stars failed to travel in the world of his thoughts; one who imprisoned beams of the sun flopped to enlighten dark night of his life.)

The fundamental reason for self-centeredness and apathy among knowledgeable people is due to basic flaws in our West-inspired schooling system. The western learning methods edify ways of earning money to glut tummies and to live a comfortable life but it has shoddily botched to indoctrinate compassion, tolerance, ethical principles and moral paraphernalia. Thus morality stressed and materially engrossed western conditioning has driven a wedge between physical and spiritual aspect of man. Morality instilling and character building traits in the western learning process are as scarce as water on the blazing sun.

Due to this civility scant education structure scale of suicide is more in well-read ones than uneducated, knowledgeable are extra intolerant than ignorant, familiar are supplementary dim-witted than unfamiliar and common wisdom dominates among untaught dwellers of countryside than those of educated residents of posh areas. Majority of western educated pseudosophistication loaded people have low respect for their parents, relatives and human beings. They feel gratification in illusory glittering life of pomp, show and vanity. The phony urbane and elite class is tenaciously running down ethical principles because they don’t consider their prerequisite. Therefore, Shakespeare fittingly said about such smashed-up and dead duck education system that has reduced man to animal level, “Ignorance is bliss!”

Mushrooming of materially obsessed and morally stressed private educational institutions in various countries of the world is also a basic reason for grinding down rectitude from modern-day society. Private learning academies hire renowned teachers and cash their names. The well-fixed cheapskate owners of these institutions are least interested about career and character building of pupils. Their solitary aim is to dredge up utmost turnover by emptying pockets of affording parents on a regular basis. Preponderance of private instructive institutions are champions of co-education because they are owned by cash cows that proudly hailed themselves as cerebral ascriptus glebae of the depraved western civilization. In their spectacular campuses the students get opportunities to rummage around friends of opposite gender instead of improving their attitude and conduct. Due to lack of any check and balance on these burgeoning institutions they teach what they like without any sense of liability that has basket cased the standard of education.

The role of bluenose teachers is gradually thinning in our society. Tutors in the developed countries enjoy outstanding social status and towering esteem because these states deem these men of brain as social reformers. Ironically, in Pakistan majority of educators join teaching line of work when they fail to qualify competitive examinations. These rejected and perturbed instructors who are compelled to join coaching profession by circumstance rather than choice cannot ensure apposite sprucing up of the future generations by imparting proper education with a sense of commitment. Their failures in life embroil them in a vicious cycle of frustration. Therefore, due to lack of interest in teaching vocation they remain indifferent towards preparing their pupils to confront impending challenges.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744), English poet accurately said in his “Epistles to Several Persons“,

“Tis Education forms the common mind,

Just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.”

Education nurtures broadmindedness by inducing flexibility in individuals. Therefore, learning deprived of such paraphernalia bugger up the society. Any sort of knowledge that does not perk up the personality on moderate lines is like sowing rotten seeds on barren land. The contemporary unreplenished education is just anthology of information. Therefore, even well-educated people in our society are more crooked and scores of them are deprived of ethics, higher sense of life and moral trappings because they get hold of tutoring for financial purpose instead of imbibing munificent codes to serve humanity. Therefore, our education system motivated by the West has failed to control flood of unboundederratic emotions of extremisms. Our instructive institutions are fueling the fire of various breeds of immoderations by providing them suitable ambiance to puff up akin to fungus.

The stapling of education with pecuniary means has piled-up its purpose of socialization the teeming millions. The current capitalistic society striving for folded-stuff has given birth to cutthroat competition that is perpetually promoting hatred in the society. This penny-pinching race has stratified and fractured every society on the basis of material goods. Fraternity, cooperation and altruism act as cementing forces in a community that are now undermined and replaced by egotism, leg pulling, envoy and jealousy. Therefore, human society works appropriately in the presence of cooperation instead of in the prevalence of an antagonistic atmosphere where everybody carries marks of woe and fear on his face. An education system that does not build up dexterity and philanthropic approach in individuals is like a leafless and fruitless tree that neither gives shade nor berry.

Some of the religious institutions have become the breeding grounds of extremism. These academies are run by a particular school of thought. The students of these seminaries acquire a belligerent and narrow outlook that is hammered into their minds by tetchy tutors. These tough customers never encounter other sects throughout their lives; therefore, they remain ignorant about views of others. Some of these institutions, funded and backed by sectarian-minded on-velvet diehards, publish bigoted material that generates repugnance in the society. Sectarian violence resulting from religious fanaticism culminates in bloodshed and loss of precious lives. In public owned institutions some of the students having religious and political inclinations become tools in the hands of denominational and political lunatic fringes who use them for their own self-centered agendas by injecting bellicose ideas. The vested interests fan the flames of detestation that can ignite clashes among rivals by fleecing patience in them.

English writer and poet, G. K. Chesterton said, “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”But, ironically, this soul has been tarnished in the contemporaneous society and each succeeding progeny is becoming more apathetic than their predecessors. Therefore, there is screeching need for reformation of education that can bring forth progressiveness and forbearance in the intolerance prone society. Sarcastically, narrow-minded sleazo is treading on a life-threatening track because he used his knowledge to manufacture weapons of mass destruction that has made survival of mankind tremendously precarious. Therefore, it is mandatory that advanced technology should be utilized for amelioration of humanity instead of using it for manufacturing deadly weapons for self-destruction of human race. If education is for purpose of self-immolation of humankind then it should be disbanded. The aim of learning is rectification of the society by socializing its subjects as temperate cool cats. Therefore, edification that teaches its learners only the means of livelihood by wearing away their character flagrantly put the kibosh on the moral fabric of society. The men of brain should come forward to reform our education system; otherwise, we will continue to harvest bitter fruits of extremism, terrorism and suicide bombing.