Reduced viral load of Hepatitis C with Gene Eden

Fighting Hepatitis C is a long and difficult process. Gene-Eden, an all-natural anti-viral dietary supplement, can reduce the viral load of Hepatitis C in those suffering from this illness. The following is a report by a satisfied customer who used Gene-Eden to lower his viral load of Hepatitis C.

“My frustration dealing with Hepatitis C was reaching a critical level. I had been living in fear for so long, worried about developing cirrhosis or liver cancer. I couldn’t enjoy date nights with my husband and play time with my children. Beyond that, the stress disrupted my work, making it difficult to focus, read, and write. Hepatitis C was plaguing all aspects of my life. My doctor demanded I go on interferon. After a few months of treatment and some tests, all it did was leave me feeling worse. Unwilling to let this disease control me and dissatisfied with the results of interferon treatment, I began to search for alternate ways to treat my HCV.

I began experimenting with powerful natural products. A few long months of disappointing results followed, with no meaningful progress in weakening the disease and improving my quality of life. Disappointed but not defeated, I continued looking. Eventually, my husband pointed me to a health supplement he read about called Gene-Eden. It was developed to help the immune system fight chronic viruses. It was based on a book by Dr. Hanan Polanksy on the causes of chronic diseases. Reading other customer reviews on how the supplement had helped them fight HCV, I decided to try Gene-Eden, ordering a month’s supply.

After two months using Gene-Eden, my lab work indicated the viral load of my HCV was down. This was all a huge relief, as I had seen so little real progress with earlier attempts to counter my hepatitis. Knowing I was better able to ward off cirrhosis and liver cancer was an incredible relief. Peace of mind like that can’t be bought. I also had more energy and fewer headaches. Being able to concentrate on my work and enjoy my family’s company made it all worthwhile. Though the virus persists, Gene-Eden has helped me cope. Gene-Eden has proven itself to be a valuable tool in my fight against HCV, and I’d recommend it as a supplement to anyone else struggling with Hepatitis C.”

– This article is based on a true report received from a Gene-Eden customer.

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