Reduce the Risk of Developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition caused by a pinched nerve at the wrist. It is caused by repetitive performance of stressful motions with the hands or when holding the hand in the same position for a long period. It specifically affects the nerves that are sensitive and causes to block blood supply to the hands and wrist.

Do away from these complications through hand and wrist exercises to help reduce the risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. You can do isometric and stretching exercises that can strengthen the muscles in your wrists and hands and improve the blood flow in these areas. Stretching your hand and wrists muscles will help reduce the tension on the tendons.

The following are some of the exercises you can perform.

1.Wrist exercise. Do a loose fist with your palm up and with the use of the other hand, gently press the clenched hand; try resisting the force with the clenched hand for about five seconds. You have to be sure that you keep your wrist straight. You can repeat this exercise with your palm down and with your thumb side. In doing this with your fist down, you press against the knuckles of your clenched hand. You resist for about five seconds. You can repeat this exercise for five times.

2. Applying resistance could help strengthen the muscles in your wrist and reduce the risk of twisting. This exercise allows your muscles to stretch, thereby reducing the tension in your tendons.

3. Fingers and hand exercise. Do a clenching action of one hand to the other hand in fist position with the fingers of one hand into a fist tightly. Then release clenched hand and fan out your fingers. You can repeat this exercise for five times and do the same with the other hand.

4. This exercise allows a release from any tightening in the muscles and reduces the pressure on your tendons.

Yes, today many workers complain about the pain in their hands and wrist due to excessive movements and stressful performances. It is indeed important to keep a healthy check once in a while so that we could prevent the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Loosen up a little and exercise your hands and wrist first.