Redness at Corners of Mouth – Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

Anyone who has ever experienced redness at corners of their mouth knows that it’s an uncomfortable and unattractive problem. It’s called Angular Cheilitis and unfortunately it’s all too common for people of all ages. Although it’s more prevalent in the winter months it can strike at any time. It leaves the skin at the corners of your mouth looking very red and feeling cracked and dry. Something as simple as smiling becomes a painful task and naturally it leaves you feeling very self-conscious about the way you look.

If you have this, you’ve probably already tried a few home remedies for Angular Cheilitis on your own. One cure that many people believe is the best approach is using lip balm. They place a thick layer of lip balm or moisturizer on the area hoping that it will cure the problem. It won’t. Doing this actually makes it worse and can lead to even more redness and discomfort. The most important rule to remember about Angular Cheilitis is to keep the skin at the corners of your mouth as dry as possible. This means absolutely no lip balm and try not to lick the area too frequently.

Eating foods that are rich in B Vitamins can be really helpful for those who have this condition. It’s believed that Angular Cheilitis is caused by a deficiency in these vitamins so it only makes sense to up your intake of them. Eat foods like dark leafy vegetables, lean meats and peanuts. Not only is this a healthy way to eat, it will also help heal the red cracked skin faster.