Red Skin Rashes – Should You See a Doctor?


Do you have a red skin rash? Should you see a doctor? Only you can answer that second question, but the first one is a no-brainer. If you have a red skin rash, you know it. Whether it is acne, poison oak, eczema, or any other kind of rash, the treatment, longevity and severity of the rash can vary immensely.

Types of red skin rashes can typically be broken down into three main categories. They are:

-Red and itchy bumps over the entire body

– Scaly patches on the skin that are caused by allergy or infection

– Scaly patches on the skin that are not related to allergy or infection

Most of the time you can distinguish between those rashes that occurs due to allergy or temporary with a poisonous substance (eg: poison oak) contact on your own. For instance, if you have just applied a new lotion or tried a new food, there is a good chance that it is an allergic reaction. Textbook rash appearance of a poison oak rash is also easy to figure out. But the reaction towards a substance you are allergic to can vary by individual, and it not always easily distinguishable on its own.

For instance, a general allergic reaction due to contact will generally be short-lived, but repeating rashes can be a result of a combination of allergies hitting your body at the right time. Stress can also play a factor in whether or not a skin rash will appear, with or without any allergy or exposure to a poisonous substance. Redness and rash-like appearance also organizations mild to severe cases of acne, especially in those with sensitive skin.

As you can see, a generalized opinion of your particular skin condition can be hard to narrow down on your own. If you have any doubts about your red skin condition, is accompanied by fever, or it continues to get worse during the first 24 hours, please do not hesitate to consult a doctor, as only they can determine what is best for you.

In some cases, however, if you explore what your skin rash could be before you consult a doctor, you may find out that it's pretty clear you just need a good acne product or some calamine lotion.