Recurring Yeast Infections – You Can Cure Yourself

Whilst treating Candida also known as Candida Albicans, Yeast Infection, Candidiasis, Monila or Thrush, it is important to stop the risk of recurrent yeast infections through re-infection or cross infection. There are a number of simple measures you can put in placed to ensure this, whilst undertaking a natural yeast infection cure for the symptoms of Candida.

Your natural yeast infection cure will kill the Candida infection and support your immune system as you kill the Candida fungi. It is also important to stop recurring yeast infections caused by re-infection or cross infection of yourself or your loved ones, by improving one’s hygiene.

Firstly in eliminating recurring yeast infections, one should also ensure that ones sexual partner and any children living with the effected person or any other person coming into daily close contact with the effected person such as a carer, is also included in the natural yeast infection cure treatment program. As the Candida fungi can easily be spread and reoccurring yeast overgrowth can continue through cross infections from a loved one or carer who has not also been treated.

Improving ones hygiene to stop recurring yeast infections is important in the overall treatment of the Candida fungi. One needs to thoroughly wash ones hands and scrub under the finger nails, after rising in the morning and after using the toilet. As Candida can be gotten under the finger nails whilst scratching during the night and inadvertently whilst cleaning oneself after using the toilet. After going to the toilet for a bowel movement one should always wipe from front to back, to ensure that no Candida fungi being excreted during a bowel movement is wiped towards the genital area were it can create further infections.

Women should always pat themselves dry after passing urine and not wipe, as wiping can move and lodge Candida into new locations of the genitalia creating further problems, such as vaginal thrush – vaginal yeast overgrowth, vaginitis and vulvovaginitis.

After going to the toilet the genital and anus area can be cleaned with a solution of tea tree oil and water. Personal wipes could have tea tree oil added to them and be kept in ones bag or next to the toilet. Tea tree oil is strong at full strength and should be diluted when using in the genital area.

Hands should always be washed before preparing and eating any food and after touching any pets or animals. Animals can also be carriers of the Candida fungi. When preparing food, avoid tasting with ones fingers or re-dipping a spoon or folk after tasting, as Candida infections can be transferred to the food on re-dipping. Use clean utensils for every taste, when preparing food. A diet should be prepared following the guidelines of a natural yeast infection cure program.

All surfaces which the effected person is in regular contact with, remote controls, key boards, their mouse, fridge doors, counter tops and tables’ etcetera should be cleaned with an antifungal solution.

Underwear should be change daily, preferably morning and evening. Tight fitting clothes and synthetics should be avoided whilst undertaking your natural yeast overgrowth treatment. As they can create a warm moist environment, and under these conditions the Candida infection will multiply and grow, as warmth and moisture is the ideal growing environment for Candida.

Clothing and towels should be washed with the addition of borax to the washing water. Borax has known antifungal qualities. Clothes and towels should then be dried in direct sunlight for several hours as sunlight will kill the Candida fungi and is a home yeast infection cure for your laundry.

After using your toothbrush soak your tooth brush head in some water which has had a drop or two of tea tree oil added to it, to kill any Candida fungi cling to your tooth brush. Like wise dentures should be soaked overnight in a solution which has had a couple of drops of tea tree oil added. It has been shown that Candida clings to dentures, re-infecting the wearer, but also any partner. Women who have recurring vaginal thrush, vaginal infection, vaginitis or vulvovaginitis, or men who have recurring penile thrush, penile yeast infection, male thrush symptoms or male yeast infections, should ensure that their partner’s dentures are soaked as above, prior to undertaking any oral sex, to reduce the risk of infection from the dentures. The Candida in the body will need to be killed through a Candida treatment program.

Another yeast overgrowth minimization remedy for women is that at the time of their menstruation, one should ensure that they change their pads or tampons frequently; as these products heat up with the bodies’ natural temperature and with the added moisture from the period, creates the ideal growing environment for the Candida fungi.

Implementing these changes in your life, will be effective remedies against recurrent yeast infections, when undertaken with a holistic yeast infection treatment program that will kill the yeast infection from the inside out. External manifestations of Candida yeast infection, thrush (vaginal or oral), monila and tinea are all symptoms of an overgrowth of Candida in the intestines, these symptoms do not occur without an overgrowth present in the digestive system first. The above measures to stop recurring yeast infections are very simple and powerful and when coupled with a natural cure and treatment program for Candida, will see that you do not suffer from ongoing recurring yeast infections.