Recurring Thrush

If you are dealing with recurring Thrush and have not gotten medical attention yet, do not wait any longer. If your attempts at treatment have not worked that the Thrush may be chronic and require some type of medication to keep yourself clean and healthy. When Thrush does reoccur in your body, it is usually a good indicator that you have a weakened immune system. Children and infants are high susceptible to Thrush because their immune systems are just starting to develop. Also cancer patients, people with diabetes, and a lot of auto immune disorders can also cause Thrush symptoms to occur.

How to deal with recurring Thrush

Candida, a type of yeast, is normally found present in all of our bodies but when the Candida gets out of balance that is when Thrush occurs. Thrush typically only occurs in three different places of the body: the mouth, vagina/penis, and esophagus. One of the main recurring Thrush symptoms is white bumps appearing in the mouth, throat, or private area. As gross as it is they will almost resemble cottage cheese. A vaginal Thrush infection will have white, cottage cheese (curd) discharge. Penile Thrush will cause the head of the penis to become red, sore, itchy and maybe even swollen. Difficulty urinating and having sex is also a reported symptom.

In babies, Thrush is often mistaken for spit up for formula so you have to keep your eye open for the symptoms. Wipe the spot off with a rag and it is red or sore underneath then it is most likely Thrush. If a woman has a yeast infection, vaginal Thrush, while she is pregnant, it can also pass through to the baby if she is breastfeeding. Also if the baby has Thrush it can be given to the mother through breast feeding as well.

A multi vitamin a day can be an essential tool to preventing Thrush from occurring. Any foods high in antioxidants and other things that will boost your immune system are all great ways to keep the Candida present in your body under control. However, infection does occur and it is pretty common so if you do happen to get Thrush the treatment is pretty easy and cheap. Depending on what type of Thrush you get infected with you can either go for over the counter medication or see a dentist or physician. Most oral recurring Thrush symptoms are usually handled by your dentist however, if the infection is bad enough he will refer you to a medical doctor.

Thrush medication will either be oral tablets, creams or liquids so you can get them for people of all ages. You have to take the medication for a number of days to ensure that the symptoms not only clear up but stay away. Once you are clear you should take the necessary steps to prevent Thrush from ever coming back. There are numerous secrets and tips that you can put into use so that you won’t ever have to deal with Thrush again, all with Thrush 911.