Recurring Thrush – All You Need to Know About Treating Thrush

Recurring  thrush  is not something to take lightly. While  thrush , which is actually a yeast infection of the mouth, is common in babies, in adults it is often a sign that something is terribly wrong with your immune system. Most of the time, adults who suffer from recurring mouth yeast infections have had their immune system severely compromised because of things like chemotherapy, medications like antibiotics and HIV/AIDS.

The first thing that you need to do is know the signs of  thrush  so you can spot the infection. It commonly causes a thick white film on the tongue, roof or sides of the mouth or throat and sometimes white patches on the lips. It can be uncomfortable and even painful. Mouth yeast infection is sometimes accompanied by a fever or overall feeling of malaise. Recurring  thrush  refers to getting the infection more than once or never really being able to get rid of it completely.

To treat recurring this recurring disease, your first step MUST be to see your doctor if you’re not sure why you’re getting it because only a health professional can tell you what’s going on with your immune system. Treating this type of infection will involve doing everything you can to strengthen your immune system, things like getting enough vitamins and nutrients through proper diet and supplements, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. You of course need to stop any bad habits that are basically killing you, like smoking and alcohol or drug abuse.

Adding a yeast fighting supplement to your diet is also important in your quest to stop recurring  thrush , so look into an acidophilus supplement and add fresh garlic to your diet to as it also helps to kill yeast. These few changes can make all the difference in the world to your life and the quality of it overall.