Reasons Why You Should Go Fishing

Of all the fishing spots in the world, Sitka in Alaska is considered one of the best destinations for saltwater fishing. There are so many kinds of fish that you could catch here in Sitka, and all of them offer good weight. When you are fishing in Sitka, you would also be treated to the magnificent sights and splendid views that the place has. Your fishing trip in Sitka would surely be enjoyable and fun.

Sports fishermen always want to come back to Sitka because they could find the best catches of fishes here. There are so many varieties of fishes here including salmon and halibut. Many of them are even big enough that they could be considered as prize fishes. Many of these fishes weigh over 50 pounds, so if you want to catch some heavyweight fish, Sitka is definitely the place to go.

You could have a very good catch of King Salmon here in Sitka. Typically, you could catch specimens of these fish that weigh from 20 pounds to over 70 pounds. If you find yourself lucky when you are fishing in Sitka, you might also be able to catch specimens that weigh near 100 pounds.

If you are looking for other types of salmon, you could also get silver salmon here in Sitka. They are smaller than the King Salmon variety, with a weight ranging from 8 to 14 pounds. Even though they are quite small, catching them is never easy. They fight back really hard once you have them on your line. If you want to have more action when catching your fish, you should really look for this variety of salmon.

One of the heaviest fish that you could catch here in Sitka is halibut. This fish is fairly common in the waters of Sitka. On usual trips, you could normally catch halibut that weigh around 50 to 60 pounds. If you are lucky, you could even catch halibut that would weigh more than 100 pounds. Many sports fishermen come back fishing in Sitka because they can get the fishes that they want here.

If you are really lucky when fishing for halibut here, you could even get one that weighs more than 300 pounds. This is surely a great prize fish for you to take home and enjoy preparing. If you are not lucky enough to catch the bigger fish though, there are many other smaller fish that you could catch. They may weigh no more than one pound, but they are still good for you to practice your fishing skills on.

While you are fishing, you could also get to enjoy the magnificent views all around Sitka. You could enjoy the fresh cool air and the great outdoors. You could even explore the many islands when you are done with your fishing trips.

Fishing in Sitka can let you enjoy your fishing trips more. Sitka is the best place where you could have a great catch and enjoy the magnificent views.