Reasons Of Running Nose A Ear Ringing

A runny nose is definitely not a sign of good health. Every onset of disease is announced by a runny nose if it is not fever. Taking it to the other side, a tragic event or a very sad movie or story can give a runny nose. As ear ringing is concerned, after coming up from under the water, one of the ears or both of them usually ring. Although it doesn’t last for long but it has to be shrugged off. A normal ear ringing should not go for more than 30 days.

Some of the common causes of runny nose are Cold or flu, crying, when it’s cold outside and allergies. During cold, the nose turns into mucus machine to keep germs away from your respiratory track and without snot, the respiratory track is wide open for bacteria. When crying, the tears flow into the tear ducts that give out to the nose. When mucus mixes with tears, the nose starts to run. Immediate change of temperature from hot to cold outside can give a runny nose. People who are allergic to dust or fur will start sneezing and can have a runny nose.

Some ear rings may come from complicated reasons which only audiologists can understand. Some of these are tinnitus, tinnitus arising from tooth decay pains, aging, and exposure to loud noise, medicine related and ear infection.

When the ear ring is caused because of tetanus, it can be cured. As ordinary tinnitus doesn’t go beyond 30 days, there is no need to panic. One should avoid touching ears frequently. For avoiding runny nose, there are some handy ways like taking decongestants, blowing the nose often and staying in a warm room. The nose can be scratched when it itches but one should not chase it when it’s runny.