Read This Before You Have Your Tonsils Removed!

Your Tonsils are actually a very important part of your body's immune system. Before you just get your tonsils removed, read this article. It may just save you from making a huge mistake!

What Are They?

Tonsil Stones, which are also called tonsilloliths are collections of various matter which have bonded together. They collect at a point near the back of the mouth and also in the area that the glands are located – more toward the back of the throat.

These stones have a smell much similar to rotten eggs and will look either yellow or possibly creamy white. The worst thing about stones is the horrifyingly foul odor they produce. Many people who are living with bad breath are probably suffering from these annoying nuisances.

The tonsilloliths are not always seen, sometimes you just feel them. In some cases they are even taken up. There is no pain. This is not tonsillitis. Amazingly, "t-stones" are very common.

Tonsil rocks occur because food particle gets trapped in the tiny holes on the glands called crypts. These food particles then slowly accumulate bacteria inside the crypts, which is the reason for the foul smell.

For years, the treatment for tonsilloliths was the removal of the tonsils, but that is no longer necessary. There are now three simple steps that one can take to completely eradicate tonsil stones. These steps come from a Chinese Herbalist. If you do not want to lose your tonsils or live with foul breath, learn how a Chinese herbalist cures them.