Re-Invent Yourself!


"No more complaining about what I can not do and focus on what I can .."

If something is not working,


As the internet grows, so should your business. You have to be ready for change and go with the flow.

Before you think you're ready to pack it in, have you really tried everything?

Maybe you're in the wrong field. Are you doing what you want to do or what you think will make the most money?

There is a heavy market out there that is probably congested enough as is, do you need the stress?

Sometimes it boils down to creating your niche. Bad cliché, but true.

Look at your website as a visitor looking to buy. Check over each page. Devote a certain amount of time each week or at whatever schedule you want, to examine each page for spelling errors, form errors, broken links, add some meta tags.

Do a search for other websites in your field. Find out what makes them different from yours. Read articles, and learn what is working and what is not. Is this something you can do in the long run, or is this just a flavor of the month business? Here today, gone tomorrow!

If it does not work out can you pick yourself back up and start again, or is the financial strain too much?

Do not you have a million ebooks stored on your hard drive. Have you even read any of them or did you just want the resell rights?

There is so much information in those ebooks. The answer could be right there and you do not even realize it.

My site is fairly new, so these are the things that I am doing now so it is always a work in progress.


This is something that I am currently doing. If you are like most of us, you are with a few affiliate programs, but sometimes, you just do not know how to promote them all and make a profit.


If you have an article on cgi-scripts, make a link to an ebook or hard copy book that is related to cgi scripts. Or add a banner to a site that specializes in cgi scripts. You get the idea ..

Most retail, discount and supermarkets advertise this way.

You can call this a smart of categorizing your products and services.

Trust me you will always be a work in progress, but that can also be the fun part too. Do not give up yet. There are days when I just think that this is not going to work and boom, I get a compliment or double the sales from the day before, and you just perk up again.

It does get better. I believe that for myself, you should do the same.