Raw Food Diet – How it Affects a Person’s Fertility With YANG Constitution in TCM Perspective

I. Introduction
A. What is a typical American raw food diet
The raw food diet is defined as a type of diet of which at least 75% of the daily diet must be unprocessed and uncooked foods or foods can not be heating above 115 degree of Fahrenheit or 40 C, including fresh fruit and vegetables and raw meats. A typical American raw food diet contains mostly yin and dampness pathogen, including mostly raw fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds.

B. What is a person with yang constitution
According to traditional Chinese medicine, yang constitution is genetic passing through pattern which you inherited from either one of your parent. It represents in the deep layer in your body. A person with yang constitution tend to have
1. Red tongue
2. Red face
3. Constipation
4. Dense menstrual flow
5. Nightmare
6. Prefer cooler drink.
7. Etc

II. How raw foods affect fertility
A person with yang constitution may initially benefit from raw foods diet. Since the body is slightly yang excessive, raw foods help to reduce the yang, thus balancing the yin and yang imbalance. But over a prolong period of raw foods intake, it will cause yang qi imbalance, although, it is not severe than a person with yin constitution.

1. Spleen
Spleen is considered as an organ in aiding the digestive system in absorbing vital nutrients and convert them to energy for the body’s need. Although person with yang constitution may take longer and symptoms may not be as severe as a person with yin constitution, but over a prolong period of time in taking raw food diet, it causes dysfunction of spleen in foods digestion, leading to nutrients deficiency of which triggers the primitive brain function in diverting blood aways from the reproductive organ for energy conversation.

2. Liver
According to traditional Chinese medicine, people with yang constitution can benefit from taking a large amount of raw foods everyday to balance the excessive yang constitution in the body. But unfortunately, prolong period of raw diet deplete the yang constitution, leading to yang deficiency. While spleen is damaged due to prolong intake of raw foods, it interferes with liver function in blood transformation, leading to insufficient blood that required to support our body’ daily activity, causing irregular menstruation and weakening the reproductive organs in perform their function in conception depending how much raw food intake.

3. Blood deficiency
As liver is no longer function as it should be, caused by spleen abnormal function in absorbing nutrients to nourish the production of blood, leading to blood deficiency that triggers the brain primitive reaction from diverting the blood away from the reproductive organs, leading to irregular menstruation. in severe case, it causes absence of period, affecting fertility in women and reducing the sperm quality and quantity in men.

4. Blood and qi stagnation
Since raw foods are considered as dampness pathogen, it impairs the spleen function in controlling the interior damp-cold, resulting in qi and blood stagnation, leading to delay menstruation and menstrual pain and cramps.

5. Kidney Yang deficiency
Kidney is considered as an organ helping to moisten, nourish the organs and tissues. Prolong intake of raw foods may decrease the yang qi in the kidney, leading to symptoms of fluid retention, that interferes with function of lung in absorbing enough oxygen for our body, causing nervous tension such as fatigue, tiredness and loss of memory and reducing the production of progesterone and testosterone, leading to lower sperm count in men and abnormal in the yang phrase in women menstrual cycle.

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