Rash Vest: Shunning Wetsuit Rashes

The rash vest provides you with utmost comfort and keeps you away with rashes caused by wearing a wetsuit. Do away with your troubles at the seashore or sailing events. Wearing a rash vest inside your wetsuit will evade you from the itchiness caused by a wetsuit. You can also wear this vest during the sporting events at the beach or in the water.

The rash vest is an efficient clothing to sustain the weather conditions. The weather at the seashore is quite rainy and windy. It also consists of cold sea breeze, which is quite difficult to sustain. This vest comes in handy when you wear it all through your water sports activities. It is an effective clothing to put up with the windy weather.

Another advantage about the rash vest is the high UPF (ultra violet ray’s protection factor). The UPF of rash vest gives it an edge over other type of clothing. This unique feature enables you to make the most out of your water adventure without bothering about skin burn or skin tan. Wearing this vest will avoid direct penetration of these rays. In this way, you skip away the chances of harmful effects on your skin.

The clothing during the water sports activities needs to be very comfortable to enable active movement. The rash vest supports free movement and maximum protection from weather. You may be fond of steam boating, water gliding and other water adventures. This time you go for such exciting activities, wear rash vest under your wetsuit. Remember that Neoprene of your wetsuit can cause a feeling of itchiness due to the elasticity of material. The material is harsh on the skin.

The matchless features of the rash vest make it an essential protective gear. After all, it provides you with ultra violet ray protection, weather protection and comfort. What else can one ask for.