Rash Guards – The Latest in UV Protection

Gone are the days of spreading slippery sun block on backs and stomachs, only to discover an hour or two later that you missed a spot! With the new technology available in  rash  guards, you can be sure that your whole torso is protected, no patches of missed skin to get sunburned.

What is a  Rash  Guard?

 Rash  guards, rashies or swim shirts, as they are often called, are tight fitted shirts with long or short sleeves, designed to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. These shirts offer SPF150+ protection, far more than you will find in a regular sun block. In addition, they cover the entire torso, so you don’t need to worry about applying sunscreen to your upper body, just your face and legs.

Why Use  Rash  Guards?

There are plenty of great reasons to use  rash  guards. They are particularly of use to children who tend not to sit still long enough to get properly covered in sunscreen. Now it is super easy to put sun protection on your kids, just pull a  rash  guard over their heads, add a dab of sun block to the face and they are good to go!

 Rash  guards aren’t just for kids, though. They work equally well for adults and not only provide excellent SPF protection, they also protect against surface skin injuries. This makes them ideal for beach and sport use.

They’re perfect for surfing or bodyboarding and will keep you from getting a  rash  on your chest or stomach along with protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Imagine if you are playing volleyball and take a header into the sand, normally you would end up with an abrasion burn on your arms and possibly chest and stomach. With a  rash  guard on, you get sun protection and you won’t get that ugly sand  rash .

These handy shirts are made for use in and around the water and they work just as well when wet, the SPF doesn’t change and it doesn’t wash off. With regular sunscreen, you need to reapply frequently, especially if you are sweating or swimming, but  rash  guards eliminate that messy process, making them highly useful as beach or swim wear.

Where Can I Use  Rash  Guards?

Technically, you could use your  rash  guard anywhere, but they are best for outdoor activities where you would want UV protection. The high SPF means that you won’t get burned whether you are on a tropical beach in Fiji, or at home in Washington State. In fact,  rash  guards are one of the hottest items to take on vacations these days! Who wouldn’t want to avoid those Hawaiian beach sunburns?

 Rash  guards aren’t specifically beach friendly, though. They work just as well on the soccer field or while your kids are playing tag at the local park. And since they look cool, your family will be more than happy to use their  rash  guards even on cloudy days when you can still get a sunburn.

Truth be told, you could even use your  rash  guard indoors. Obviously you wouldn’t be using it for the SPF factor, but they work against those annoying skin  rashes  caused by many contact sports. So, a  rash  guard isn’t just a swimming accessory, it can serve many uses.

With this newest innovation in UV protection, it is safer than ever to get out in the sunshine. Beach and sport bums around the world will be thrilled to learn that they can enjoy the sunshine without the dangers brought on by UV rays.

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