Rash Allergy – Eliminating Allergens Which Cause Them

Eliminating a rash allergy requires identifying the allergen which is causing the response to occur in your skin. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done because there may be many triggers such as dust, pollen or food which may cause an allergic reaction. However, there is a scientific method to identifying an allergy trigger in your home environment and such triggers be controlled through a reliable allergen elimination protocol.

There are three primary ways an allergen may cause a skin rash:

  1. An allergen which enters your body through your respiratory tract.
  2. An allergen which enters your body through your digestive tract.
  3. A direct external exposure to the skin by an allergen.

It is important to know the differences among the rashes as well as the common causes before attempting to self-diagnose yourself or other household members.

Allergy skin rashes typically appear in the form of a tiny red bump only to swell and grow in numbers. Rashes which are raised on the skin are usually caused from an external allergen. This may include having an acute reaction to a cat, insect bite or even poison ivy. This type of rash is always the easiest to diagnose since there is an immediate correlation to an event or exposure. More times than not, this type of rash is easily taken care of by just eliminating exposure to the source and treating the skin with a topical cortisone cream. In addition, this type of rash is considered acute in nature and usually subsides in a number of days.

It is the skin rashes which come from within the body which can be the hardest to narrow down. Many believe that the liver is the key organ for detoxification but the skin is actually considered the primary method by which your body tries to detoxify itself. Yes, oddly enough, the skin is considered an organ and it performs many functions on a daily basis which protect us. It shields our internal organs from external harm, it releases sweat to help our bodies cool down and it assists internal detoxifying functions, among many others. There is a direct correlation between our skin complexion and body detoxification. If you are experiencing a chronic skin rash which occurs more than a few days and you feel it is not from an exposure to an external allergen, then it is important to focus your attention to what may be going on in your body and why.

An allergic response from a food substance is a subject which cannot be thoroughly covered within this document and should be identified with the help of a qualified health professional. There are recognized methods to treating food allergies such as elimination diets and so forth.

We will however discuss the methods to control exposure to allergens which may enter the body through the respiratory tract. Exposure to airborne allergens is actually the most common cause of all allergic responses by the body. For example, the typical indoor environment may contain millions of small particles which can be measured in microns. Most people throughout the world spend more time indoors than outdoors and indoor particles are actually much smaller than those outside the home environment.

The majority of the airborne particles which a person breathes in through each day typically remain within the lung tissues for the body to process. Normally, this is not a problem until a large number of allergens enter the body to which the person has intolerance. This is the process that occurs when a person has allergic responses during certain times of the year and usually means there is a disposition towards pollen or mold. However, chronic allergies and skin rashes caused from allergens within the home environment can actually be controlled to a level at which a household member has minimal if any allergic symptoms.