Rash After Shaving? You Could Have a Bacterial Infection Causing the Red Bumps


Shaving rash is a big problem for many men (and women) around the World. It’s characterized by the red bumps that appear after you’ve just shaved and is most common around the neck & jawline of men. Many people have this problem and it’s one which is actually very easy to cure if you know what’s causing it.

Although there are many theories about what causes shaving rash, there’s one cause that is extremely common. Unfortunately, there’s a condition which affects the hair follicles of men & women called ‘Folliculitis’, which is where the actual hair follicles become infected with bacteria. This bacteria then causes the follicles to become irritated, which means that after shaving, you will be left with a series of red bumps that will sting and be itchy.

The problem of folliculitis is VERY common and almost no-one knows about it. It’s caused when you have a bacterial or fungal infection inside the hair follicles on your body or neck and this bacteria irritates the follicles when you shave. You can normally tell if you have this condition by the tenderness and how irritated your skin feels after shaving. Many men complain about having a “red raw” neck after shaving, and many women complain of unsightly red bumps after shaving their bikini link – both of which is a tell-tale sign of the folliculitis condition.

To stop your shaving rash, you should first think about tackling folliculitis. Even if you don’t have the infection, performing what I am about to explain will only benefit your skin.

The first thing you should do is to invest in a quality electric razor. There are plenty of women’s razors around now and you can find them on eBay and Amazon… and for men, I would highly recommend investing around $75 (it needs to be good) on a comfortable Philips or Remington razor. The better quality the razor, the less irritation you’re going to get. Using a manual razor will basically cause tons of microscopic tears in your skin and make the folliculitis worse.

After you have a new razor, you then need to perform some ‘cures’ to kill the bacteria that’s infecting your hair follicles. This can be done using a series of different methods which all work to rid your skin of the harmful bacteria that is causing the irritation. There are some good herbal remedies for this condition, which we have detailed on our site.