Raising A Kangaroo: How To Take Care Of Orphaned Ones


Exotic animals are good to have as pets. However, you should be reminded that they are beyond ordinary because they’re not like your ordinary house pets at home. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration if you decide to have these animals as companions at home. In this article we will be looking the steps that you need to do when you are raising a kangaroo that has been orphaned.

First of all, you should know that raising a kangaroo that no longer has its parents by its side should never be taken lightly. If you know some experts in your area, it would be best to ask some help or assistance from them. If possible, it would be good if you hand the joey over to a rescue center or a vet. This is perhaps the best option that you can do as this will ascertain the well-being of the joey. However, if you want to raise this exotic animal at home, you must first check the legal requirements concerning this within your state because some states don’t allow the rearing of wild animals without a permit. You have to know that raising a young joey isn’t something well-suited for those who are faint-hearted. This requires a good amount dedication and commitment. Even if you pour out a lot of care and devotion to doing this, there’s still a chance that your orphaned exotic can’t be saved. If you are left with the option to do things on your own because expert help isn’t available within your area, you don’t have to worry. Instead, you should spend time on learning the proper method of doing things.

Young orphaned animals of any type are fragile so they should always be handled with care. They may be sick, injured, or dehydrated. Most certainly, they will be stressed and might be in a state of shock. The most important thing that you need to do when you’re raising the joey is to keep it warm and quiet. If it has suffered from an injury, you need to take it to a vet if possible. However, if you think that it is in good health, then you have to make sure that it’s warm before you do anything else. Joey’s are usually found lying inside the pouch of a doe that has been hit or run over by a car or one that has been shot. If the joey has been dead for quite some time already, the baby must be feeling cold already. It is vital that you raise is body temperature but you need to do this slowly. If its paws and feet are cold to touch, his body temperature is most probably down. In this case, you need to wrap him with something that’s going to offer warmth. Tuck him underneath a jumper while you attend to other arrangements that will are needed to provide permanent warming. An artificial pouch is needed to provide good warmth to the joey.