Quote Request Health Insurance Leads

This type of health insurance leads are the most expensive but the easiest to work because the prospect is actively shopping and looking to buy health insurance.

Although many of these prospects are price shopping, you will also find a lot of these prospects needing to get some type of health product due to changes in circumstances such as financial, employment situation or health condition. This creates a sense of urgency for your client.

Remember, your insurance carrier has a product for most every income level and health condition so do not disqualify anyone or you will be leaving money on the table for your competitors and will have wasted money on the lead itself.

There are several types of health insurance quote request leads to consider:

Exclusive Leads

You are the only agent calling this prospect. These health insurance leads tend to be very expensive but also very effective. As a new agent we suggest waiting until you become consistent with your sales presentation before investing in these.

Filtered Leads

These health insurance leads are usually less expensive option than exclusive but have some added expense over shared because of added filters to target a specific demographic. These can be extremely effective if you feel that you can relate better to a specific group of prospects and therefore stand out from your competition. These can actually cut down on overall cost because it will limit the amount of leads a service provides.

Shared Leads

A mid cost option, these are sold to other health insurance agents so competition can be intense. You will also receive more of these more quickly and have to work them quickly to stand out from your competition.

Dated or B-Leads

These leads are very cheap and can be very effective for several reasons.

1. The prospect was never contacted.

2. The prospect did not buy the first time

3. The prospect did buy but made a poor choice.


These health insurance leads are extremely cheap and are considered a waste of time by many agents, but tis is the group most in need of immediate help. A discount plan or rx plan doesn’t sound like much but remember that these prospects need any type of help they can get and usually needed it yesterday.

Note: Some of these lead companies generate leads from affiliate sites that have nothing to do with health insurance. If you happen to purchase health insurance leads from such a company you will be able to tell pretty quickly when you get comments such as:

“I was just trying to get a free x-box on the internet and now everyone is calling me..”

If you get leads like that you should drop that health insurance lead company quickly. You will also find that lead companies that get their leads like that re-sell the leads over and over again.