Quit Smoking Now

Nicotine addiction is a reality for hundreds of thousands of people
The world over. There are numerous `stop smoking 'programs to help
The smoker to stop successfully in a reasonable amount of time, and
Offer support and advice when it gets tough. Of course, it is much
Easier to start smoking than to stop once you are thoroughly
Addicted, as the body becomes used to the inflow of nicotine and
Ceases to make the substance itself.

Much as overweight people try many diets in the hope of finding the
Magic bullet, many smokers quit more than once before they are
Finally able to stop for good. They try different `stop smoking ';
Programs until they find one that works for them. Success depends
Heavily on how long the person has been smoking and how motivated
They are to quit.

Smoking is now proven to cause chronic or deadly illnesses, such as
Chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
(COPD), or even lung cancer. You would think that diagnosis of one
Of these conditions would motivate people to quit immediately `cold
Turkey ', but sometimes it just is not enough. Smoking is so highly
Addictive that people feel compelled to feed their nicotine
Addiction before they address their medical issues.

For those who really want to give up smoking, there are quite a few
Stop smoking programs available. A health care professional should
Be communicated first for advice regarding which `stop smoking '
Program, or combination thereof, would be most beneficial. If you
Are a smoker who has enough motivation and support from family and
Friends to do it on your own, then nicotine gum, patches, or pills
Could be tried first. Many people choose to join `stop smoking '
Programs such as Nicotine Anonymous, which is based on the
Traditional 12-step philosophy pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous.
There is also private and group counseling available to people who
Need more intensive support. A number of online `stop smoking '
Program options are also available consistent of therapy and support
Forums, herbal supplements, pills, and other potions. Be sure to
Research these `stop smoking 'programs well before you spend a ton
Of money on something that just is not going to work for you.

Whatever `stop smoking 'program you choose is only as effective as
Your desire to quit. Without motivation to change your habits and
Lifestyle, your efforts will be for nothing. Plan a `stop smoking '
Program in advance. Plan how you are going to deal with temptation
In social settings and times of stress, since this is probably when
You have the greatest desire to smoke. Pick a date when you are
Going to stop – maybe when you are on vacation and things are less
Stressful – and get your support system in place.

As it's especially difficult to stop if those around you are still
Smoking, you should see if you can persuade those around you to stop
Too. And you should have a thorough clear-out of all the things that
Remind you about the pleasures of smoking. Keep thinking of all the
Advantages: no more smelly house, no more having to go outside for a
Smoke because smoking is banned in your office or home, no more
People turning away from you because, frankly, to a non-smoker you

A `stop smoking 'program can be very successful if it is planned and
Stuck to by the person who wants to quit. Mind over matter, right?
Next time go for a brisk walk or call a friend instead of lighting
Up, your lungs will thank you.

And there's one more thing that no would-be ex-smoker should forget.
Most smokers, especially those who find it hard to quit, smoke for a
Reason. Perhaps it's good to have something to hold in social
Situations to save you feeling awkward with your hands. Or it could
Be a comfort feeling – we all learn from birth that having something
In your mouth is very soothing! So when a smoker quits, there's
Always a temptation to put something else in its place. It's no
Accident that many ex-smokers put on weight in the months after they
Quit, or start to drink more alcohol.

For more ideas on how to stay
An ex-smoker without becoming hooked on something else, read Kris
Kerr's book '101 tips for Fighting Addiction' at